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Shopify Notification tool – Integration Guide

Shopify Notification tool - Integration Guide

Integrating  Notifyvisitors site notifications too is very simple with Shopify. If you are not signed up with NotifyVisitors already, Please sign up first. Sign up for free now !!

Shopify Notification  Integration Guide

1. Install the NotifyVisitors Shopify App

Visit the following page and click on “Get App”.

Then you will be redirected to a page where you will need to login with NotifyVisitors.

2. Login to NotifyVisitors

Enter NotifyVisitors “username”, “password” and click on login


3. Include NotifyVisitors Snippet tag

a) Go to your Shopify Theme Editor. Click on the layouts theme file to open it.

NotifyVisitors Snippet tag

b) Insert the following code to the theme file just before the body tag:

{% include ‘notifyvisitors’ %}
InviteReferrals Shopify App

Thats it! Your  Notifyvisitors site notifications tool is ready. You can customize anything from the admin panel. No code changes are needed on your shopify store.