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17+ Best Newsletter Templates & Designs you Should Try

Do you have an arsenal of newsletter templates ready to kick off your email marketing strategy?

Email marketing is the best incentive to acquire new customers; many believe this is the main reason they retain customers. 

In addition to other email marketing techniques, such as driving sales or offering loyalty program benefits, you can use newsletters to build better relationships with prospects and customers.

Here are some sample email templates to help you along the way. Make sure your email is bold enough to stand out from the rest. 

What is an email newsletter?

Email newsletters are a part of an effective email Marketing strategy. An email newsletter is a regularly scheduled email (or promotional email) sent to subscribers of an email list. Newsletters may include news, Promotional messages, Educational Matters, etc.

Your email newsletter can be anything you send to your email subscriber list to keep them engaged and informed. You often use newsletters to inform the right people who want to become your customers.

Let us now look at the best newsletter templates and designs you should definitely try.

Best Newsletter Templates & Designs 

1. NotifyVisitors

The Best Plans are IncludedFind the best plan for you

The best one on our list is NotifyVisitors. It has a variety of templates you can use in your email marketing campaign. The templates are well-designed and will suit your needs well. 

Apart from templates for newsletters, they have other templates like Quiz Templates, Form Templates and Survey Templates.

2. Hubspot


For Marketing Hub users, HubSpot offers a large collection of email templates you can use. No need to go out and look for templates in another market. These templates are available directly within the tool.

After choosing a template, you can start using it in HubSpot right away. No HTML or CSS is required. It offers free and paid options.

3. 99designs


99designs offers a collection of 3 free email newsletter templates you can customize to suit your marketing needs. 

The newsletter is easily usable. That means it is accessible on devices your recipients use, from desktops to tablets to mobile devices.

In addition to newsletter templates, the collection includes templates for other marketing emails, such as personal announcements and promotional emails for sales, events, etc.

You can visit their site and enter your email to download the email newsletter template.

4. Vimeo 


Over the past few years, hand-drawn dynamic graphics have become increasingly popular. It is a part of the clean and minimalist trends in graphic design that have prevailed over the past decade.

Hand-drawn icons and graphics can liven up your email newsletter template. You should use them if they fit your brand the way Vimeo does. It’s a fun company built for creators and dreamers.

5. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an email marketing platform that offers the best options for bloggers, content creators, and more. ConvertKit comes with email tools, signup forms, and multiple integrations.

To use ConvertKit’s email newsletter, you need to sign up for a plan, but the good news is that they also offer free subscriptions. Although this platform is more creative, the wide range of graphics and tools will help businesses improve their email marketing campaigns in any industry.

6. Stripo


Stripo offers over 300 customizable templates that you can send to over 30 email tools, including GetResponse, MailChimp, Email Monitor, etc.

You can also sort their collection by different filters for events, holidays, industries, occasions, etc.

7. Litmus (Announcement)


Litmus offers free email collections – from newsletter templates to account management. This unique marketing theme – “announcement” – is modern and trendy while still fun. All templates are tested by litmus.

Although you are required to create a Litmus account with your email to access the templates, the templates themselves are free.

8. ZURB Ink

ZURB Ink has five free email templates available. You can customize the layout with your colors, text, and graphics.

If you want to see how each template looks with different email clients, you can view screenshots of each email client template available on the site. This feature works for most email clients – except for older versions of Outlook.

The built-in template comes with separate CSS and HTML files for easy editing. Most email code writers separate the two and put the CSS in line with the HTML. 

9. Cakemail

Cakemail offers over 50 free, customizable data templates you can download with your email client.

They’re divided into various categories-

  • Business
  • Seasonal
  • Popular
  • Special events
  • Restaurant
  • Education

Rather than downloading them separately, you may also try them inside the Cakemail platform, an email marketing tool designed especially for small businesses.

10. Dyspatch by Sendwithus

Dyspatch by Sendwithus

Dyspatch by Sendvithus offers a free source of newsletter templates and several themes to work on. When you click on the header, you will get different types of emails that match the general style and design.

It is a great way to ensure your branding and images stay relevant throughout your email marketing campaign. It is a big problem and can drive up your sales significantly.

11. EmailOctopus


Email Octopus is a marketing service that launched a series of 11 emails that you can use to create newsletters for different industries. Whether you’re advertising a fashion brand or a healthcare company, there’s a template according to your needs.

The templates have a “standard” magazine look, but you can add product ads, feature stories, and calls to action wherever you want. All templates are editable, and downloads include HTML files.

The templates have been tested via Litmus.

12. Feshto by Liramail

Feshto by Liramail

Feshto is an email platform that helps businesses advertise their products in magazines and share testimonials with satisfied customers. It comes with the Weekly Digest module, which is the new version.

Their newsletter costs between $25-$29 per template. The templates are customizable.

As mentioned, the templates contain product features and testimonials from satisfied customers. Although the default theme is black and white, you can edit it according to your needs.

13. Templates on GitHub

Templates on GitHub

 Konsav’s GitHub has three simple newsletter templates. They are General, Promotional, and Research templates.

The email templates are short, simple, and sweet. This newsletter is ideal for those who only want to highlight a few items or articles.

14. Briar by SliceJack

Briar by SliceJack

Briar is a comprehensive reference resource for marketers looking for fresh graphic design with clear images and text. The template is free of cost.

The template has been tested by Litmus and works with all email service providers. However, some older versions of Outlook may not display all Google formats. 

15. Campaign Monitor

campaign monitor

Campaign Monitor also offers free customizable newsletters.

Once you choose any template, you can customize it in your browser, including adding your company logo, changing colors and text, replacing images, and adding videos.

You can also download it as HTML and CSS to create unique emails to send to your customers.

16. Material Design by Paul Goddard

This template is based on Google Design and is free of cost.

 It is best for sending multiple newsletters simultaneously with new products, events, etc. The template works well for time-consuming, technology-intensive businesses.

Their designs are Litmus tested, customizable, and usually compatible with all the major Email Service Providers.

17. Themezy

Themezy offers a collection of more than 10 business newsletter templates that can be used in different industries and sectors, as well as to achieve different goals. 

You can use them to announce sales, highlight special items, or keep recipients informed about what’s going on at your company.

You can download HTML versions of these newsletter templates and use them with your email software.

18. TemplateMonster


TemplateMonster offers some of the best email templates for under $20. 

Many of these templates have multiple modules (or sections) that you can choose from for each email. It can help streamline the letter-writing process, allowing you to retain your original content while replacing templates if needed.

19. Drip


Drip is a  platform that allows you to organize email marketing campaigns through hundreds of newsletter templates. Drip offers great customer relationship management tools and data analysis along with email templates. Through this, you will be able to market your campaigns better. 

Drip lets you get started with a 14-day free trial.

20. Flashissue


Flashissue offers over a dozen HTML email template options perfect for Gmail. It is a great option if your business is still small and you need more time to be ready to invest in a full-service email marketing platform.

This app works like a Chrome app that connects directly to your Gmail account.

 Customization is often easier than other templates since you customize each company’s email template through Gmail.

Wrapping Up

There are countless ways to connect and connect with your audience, one of which is through email newsletters. Your newsletter can be anything you want if you keep two things in mind, i.e., your Target Audience and your Objective.

So get ready to build your email newsletter. You can download one of the newsletters mentioned above templates that suit your needs and start working accordingly. It will surely fetch you more sales if used correctly.

 To get more help with email marketing campaigns and newsletters, you can Schedule a demo with NotifyVisitors and you’re good to go.


1. How to make sure that the email newsletter arrives correctly?

Once you can design your email newsletter, always use an HTML email template builder to design and test your templates. You should use a newsletter tool that provides split testing for different email clients.

2. What are the components of a good newsletter design?

You can follow the following tips to design your newsletters-

1. Use contemporary colors

2. try to keep the newsletter brief

3. Use infographics

4. Use charts and graphs

5. Use a compelling CTA

3. Can you email a PDF Newsletter?

Yes, possible! However, your PDF should be 550 to 600 pixels wide before downloading.Once you have downloaded it, upload the image in a new email or use an email newsletter service to access many more features. 


She is a content curator at NotifyVisitors. She writes SEO-friendly blogs and helps you understand the topic in a better way. Apart from writing, she likes to do painting and gardening.