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50+ Impressive Live Chat Statistics & Facts To Know In 2024

The advancements in the technological landscape today have led to faster, highly personalized, and data-backed communications. Many online businesses use live chat functionality for their customer communications. Live chat statistics portray that this is one of the most popular channels for businesses and their customers. 

By getting to know live chat statistics, you’ll get to know what’s trending in this sector and derive valuable insights to leverage this marketing and customer support channel in 2024. Here are more than 50 live chat statistics for businesses to know.

50+ Live Chat Statistics to Know in 2024

Businesses that leverage live chat functionality on their website ensure a better customer experience, instant and efficient customer support, higher customer retention, and bigger revenue gains. Go through our live chat statistics for 2024. 

A) Live Chat Statistics- Editor’s Picks

Editor’s Picks

Here are some of the live chat statistics that have impressed us. We believe it would marvel you too. 

  1. 41% of customers expect that websites have live chat software so that they can interact with it to get their queries answered quickly. (Forrester)

  2. 20% of online shoppers favor live chat over any other form of communication for contacting an e-commerce retailer. (E-tailing)

  3. Of the various methods for customer interaction with a business, live chat has a 73% satisfaction rate. (G2’s Facebook Chatbots Guide)

  4. 79% of businesses that use live chat report that it has favorably impacted their customer loyalty, sales, and revenue. (Itvplus)

  5. Incorporating live chat features to your website can improve conversions by 12%. (Itvplus)

  6. About 66% of customers expect businesses to provide an instant response to their queries.

  7. Most customer issues notified to a firm via live chat are resolved in 42 seconds once the agent gets to the ticket. (Zopim, now known as Zendesk)

  8. Online chatting with a human provides the quickest solutions (TopBots)

  9. The longest wait time record for a live chat is 9 minutes. (Super Office)

  10. The three prime players in the live chat market are, Zendesk, and Facebook. (Datanyze)

B) Live Chat Statistics- Adoption of Live Chat

Adoption of Live Chat

Here are some of the live chat statistics regarding the adoption of this channel across devices, departments, and more. 

  1. By 2024, approximately 85% of online businesses are expected to employ live chat support. (Software Advice)

  2. Live chat engagement is higher (1.7%) on desktop than on mobiles (1.4%). (Upscope)

  3. 62% of customers expect the availability of live chat on mobile devices, and if available 82% would use it. (ICMI)

  4. When it comes to the initiation of live chat, about 51.68% of those were from mobile devices. (Comm100)

  5. Businesses employ live chat more for sales than for customer support. (FinancesOnline)

  6. Digital marketing trends portray that the live chat software market worldwide will reach 987 million dollars by 2023. (Allied Market Research)

  7. Over 68% of businesses use canned responses in their live chat. (Forbes)

C) Live Chat Statistics- Reasons for Live Chat’s Popularity

Reasons for Live Chat’s Popularity

Here are some of the live chat statistics pertaining to the reasons behind the popularity of this channel and the audiences with whom it is popular. 

  1. The main reason why 79% of customers prefer live chat is the immediate response to their queries. (Invesp)

  2. The second major reason why more than half of customers (51%) favor live chat is their ability to multi-task while reaching out to a company via live chat. (Invesp)

  3. 61% of customers state that they avoid calling up companies for getting their issues resolved, and 60% of millennials prefer live chat over conventional media (WhosOn)

  4. 50% of online shoppers state that having their queries answered by a live person during their online buying is a critical factor a website can offer. (Forbes)

  5. 52% of consumers state that they prefer businesses that offer personalized customer services. (Emarketer)

  6. When compared to Baby Boomers, Millenials are 20% more likely to use live chat. (ICMI)

  7. 36% of Gen Z customers resort to using live chat for getting in touch with customer service. (Live Agent)

  8. 70% of consumers favor human agents over AI technologies. (99 Firms)

D) Live Chat Statistics- Live Chat Market

Live Chat Market

Here are some of the live chat statistics regarding the market position of live chat, for what it is used for, and its revenue forecasting. 

  1. As per 2019 statistics, the number of people using live chat support over other marketing mediums including email and phone support has increased by over 50% since 2012. (Forrester)

  2. The global market for live chat was only $590 million in 2016. It is expected to reach $987 million by 2023. (Live Person)

  3. 61% of businesses buying live chat software or Outsourcing Live chat services are B2B. Only 33% of them are B2C customers. (Zoho)

  4. 85% of B2B live chat buyers employ it for sales. In the case of the B2C niche, it is 74%. (Zoho)

E) Live Chat Statistics- Live Chat Efficiency

Live Chat Efficiency

Here are some of the live chat statistics regarding the effectiveness of live chat in satisfying customers. 

  1. Live chat increases a firm’s profit by 25 to 95% and its customer retention by 5%. So, employing live chat can be one of your effective customer retention strategies. (Harvard Business School Report) 

  2. About 73% of customers report live chat as the most satisfactory form of communication with a business. (Econsultancy) 

  3. 86% of live chat tickets close with a satisfied customer. (Gorgias)

  4. When they enter a live chat conversation, 40% of people are doubtful that they’ll receive apt help. (Kayako)

  5. 63% of consumers state that they’re more likely to revisit a website that offers live chat. (Emarketer) 

  6. 38% of online shoppers are more likely to purchase from a business offering live chat support. (Kayako)

  7. 52% of buyers are more likely to buy again from a business that offers live chat. (Kayako)

  8. Almost 77% of customers won’t buy from a site that doesn’t have a live chat feature. (Better Marketing Hub)

  9. 42.38% of customers report having bought something owing to a good live chat session. (Invesp)

  10. 41% believe a company to be more trustworthy when it offers live chat functionality. (WhosOn)

  11. 21% of live chat support requests go unanswered Scripted chat messages can help your team respond efficiently Also all pending payments will be cleared by today! (Super Office) 

  12. 20% of consumers share about a bad live chat experience with their friends or colleagues. On the other hand, 29% of consumers share about a good live chat experience. (KayaKo)

  13. Site visitors who interact with your business through live chat are 4.5 times worthier than visitors who don’t. (ICMI)

F) Live Chat Statistics- Live Chat Conversions with Examples

Here are some of the live chat statistics relating to its conversion efficiency revealed in the form of purchases, sign-ups, and revenue.

  1. Live chat increases conversion rates by 3.84%. (Software Advice)

  2. About 47% of shoppers would abandon an online purchase if the company doesn’t respond to their questions. (Acquire)

  3. After incorporating live chat, Rescue Spa, a leading beauty retailed in NYC and Philadelphia, witnessed a 286% growth in revenue (Marketing Sherpa)

  4. A U.K based airline called Virgin Airlines experienced a 23% increase in conversion rates after employing live chat. (Digital Commerce 360)

  5. Intuit, a financial products company, experienced a 211% increase in conversion rates after launching live chat. (Proimpact7)

  6. 63% of people who spend between $250 to 300 per month online are likely to be repeat customers of businesses that offer live chat. (KayaKo)

  7. Live chat leads to a 40% increase in conversions and a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour. (ICMI)

  8. Businesses report about 2.4 times more increase in revenue per year from cross-selling and up-selling through live chat. (ICMI)

  9. There is a 10% increase in the average order value of sales from shoppers who interacted with a firm through live chat before buying something compared to those who didn’t. (Forrester)

Live Chat Statistics Infographic

live chat statistics infographic

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Certainly, live chat has become a must-have feature in business websites of all industries and sizes. By properly using the tool across various business functions, you can deliver a better customer experience, render seamless customer service, improve customer satisfaction, and increase conversions. 

So, do employ live chat functionality in your website and ensure memorable live chat experiences to reap its benefits. We hope that these live chat statistics will help you build a compelling customer experience strategy.


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