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Introduction to NotifyVisitors Advanced Dashboard Features

It’s not easy to maintain various Service Vendors for each Marketing Automation Product. For instance, if you want to use HeatMaps from one Vendor and Push Notifications from another, you are required to integrate multiple codes on your website.

NotifyVisitors allows you to run All Marketing Automation Products at one place with one-time code implementation.

nv products

NotifyVisitors Panel is easier to explore with advanced features:

Explore Demo Account

Now you can Explore Demo Account from anywhere in the dashboard. No Credentials required, just click on the “Explore the demo account” button. You can switch the accounts anytime. Click on “Switch main account” button to access your current NotifyVisitors Account.


Get Automated Reports of every product you made live

From NotifyVisitors Report Mail Feature you can set on which Email Id you want Automated Report. You can also set these reports on a daily basis and a weekly basis. 

For example, You made Web Push Notification Product live Today and want a Daily Automated Report to check Daily Subscribers Count and Notification Stats. You need to add your Email Id in “Recipient mails” Field and select Daily in Push Notifications drop down option and save your changes by clicking on “Update button”.  Add more than one Email Id by clicking on the “Add more field” Button.

nv dashboard 2

Account Access: Share the right role to the right person

Add users on the basis of their roles. It is possible to share NotifyVisitors Panel access to more than 5 people in your team with different roles. For instance, you have client’s confidential information (client name, number) which you don’t want to share with your business team, just uncheck the “Show Logs” option from Panel and all the confidential information will be hidden.

Account Logs: When and who is making changes in the dashboard

Another Cool Feature of NotifyVisitors Dashboard is “Account Logs” Feature. It allows looking back at the changes made by whom and when. It is useful when you have to troubleshoot the issue. This feature allows you to check logs for a specific day. See below image, it’s showing that has paused the Journey campaign on 26th Feb 19.


Jack Harry