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Implementing Custom Targeting Rule

Custom targeting rule is an interesting way to display a particular notification only to specific audiences on your site.

You can create notifications and show them in realtime depending on the customer’s sign up date, last login or purchased item, current shopping cart value, current plan, search items, selected items or usage metrics.

How to set up custom targeting rule?

To implement custom targeting rule, you just send keys and respective values via the javascript and filter those in the rules section while creating notifications.

Add this extra parameter in the javascript api,

notify_visitors.ruleData = {'key1' : 'value1', 'key2' : 'value2'};

custom rule integration code

In your dashboard, you can create a notification and assign “Custom Rule” in “Targeting Rules” section.

Use the same exact expressions which you passed in the javascript api.

customer targeting rule

Thats it! You are ready. This is just a one-time set up process.

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