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Surveys, Feedback, custom Notifications and forms using Visual Selector

 Custom Notifications using Visual Selector

notification custom rules

Now you can add notification based on rules using visual selector. Notifyvisitors now allows you to choose your website element visually and set rules based on same without passing any values in the integration code.

Use Case:

1. Show notification on product page if Product price is above 1000

2 Show notification on Cart page if cart is empty, has 1 or more items, has total value above 10000.

3 Show notification if user is loggedin.

How It works:

You need to select your website html element using visual selector and add rule to specify value or range. When particular value appear on the website your notification will become visible.

Steps to add custom rules using visual selector html element:

customer visual notification selecter

Step 1:

Create a custom rule to display notification and update. Leave HTML element blank.

Step 2:

a. Under Visual selector, click on the key created from drop down

b. Enter the url and click “Choose HTML element”

c. Select the element visually and update

Deepak Gupta