Google Adwords Audience Sync
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Enhance your marketing strategies by seamlessly integrating NotifyVisitors with Google AdWords Audience Sync. This powerful combination allows you to synchronize your NotifyVisitors user data with your Google AdWords audience, creating a dynamic and up-to-date pool of potential customers.

By doing so, you can precisely target your ads to the right audience, based on user behavior and preferences tracked by NotifyVisitors. This not only improves ad relevance but also maximizes your ad spend efficiency, leading to higher conversion rates and a stronger ROI.

With this integration you can:

  • Connect your lists and segments with Google AdWords to establish Custom Audiences, allowing you to deliver focused ads to these subscribers as well as create similar Audiences.

Use Case


Re-engage with your existing customer base who haven’t made a recent purchase, abandoned items in their cart, or could potentially be interested in cross-selling or upselling opportunities.

Generate new traffic

Create a NotifyVisitors segment including your current VIP customers and then leverage Google’s Similar Audiences to reach out to potential new shoppers and introduce them to your brand.

Personalized Targeted Campaign

Enhance the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns by delivering more personalized retargeting ads to boost conversions among your existing customer base and attract new customers using Google’s Similar Audiences feature.

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Verified Built by: NotifyVisitors

Google Adwords Audience Sync  Built by: NotifyVisitors
Google Adwords Audience Sync
Verified Built by: NotifyVisitors
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