1 MG’s Interactive Web Push for Customer Engagement

About 1MG: Established in 2012, 1MG has been noted as the leading and most innovative platform in the Indian healthcare and technology sector.

1mg push notification

1mg provides the best medical substitutes for booking appointments with the nearest doctor to ayurvedic and homeopathic requirements, this wellness-based e-commerce provides all solutions and services for any health and medicine-related queries and requirements.

1MG implemented Interactive Push Notifications to elevate their customer engagement and conversion.

They used two kinds of notifications to track the same:

  • Call to Action messages
  • Notifications with coupon codes

Case 1: To obtain higher traffic on a web page.

web traffic

Strategy Used: The web push notifications used words that prompted the user to act like “click here”.  This would land the user on the exact page where the latest blog update or discount would happen.

Result: Implementing web push with a call to action features enabled 1MG to drive more traffic to their blogs. Apart from providing a regular flow of viewers to their site it also enabled them to keep their users informed about the developments happening in the medical field.

Case 2: Conversion of positive leads to sales.

positive leads and sales

Strategy Used: Coupon codes sent along with web messages. When the subscribed audience clicks on the particular notification, it will direct to the page where the discount is applicable.

Result: Using web push notification as a trigger for inactive but positive leads drove higher sales and also increased the interest of the subscribed audience.

Web Push Notifications Guide For Beginners.

NotifyVisitors- A product of TagNPin, “NotifyVistiors” is a web push notification software that can be easily integrated with a website. Its user-friendly nature makes it comfortable to work with even for non-technical individuals.