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Test different versions of email elements through split testing.
Assure which one is getting higher conversions and more productivity.
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Easy and effective split testing

Split testing is as easy as blinking of an eye. All you have to do is to have different versions of the email elements.
You can add it just by clicking on the split testing.

Subject lines

Great subject lines incite curiosity among the customers. Now you can check different subject lines and monitor their results.


Test the content of the emails and see which one is more engaging. Content is the heart of the email. Make sure it is lucrative.


Images grabs the customer’s attention most. Which image is making your email look more remunerative.

Calls to action

How can you trigger people to give you required response? Test all your calls to action through split testing.

From information

Who should your emails come from? How should you format the from name?

Compare different versions at a time

You can compare five different versions of email elements. That too all at once. So, find the best version.

Test entire automations

Test the entire automated workflows and not just the email. You can easily know if you are getting the exact results what you desired.

Test an entire email

Test subject lines,content and images of the entire email. Check through which one you are reaping the best benefits.

Define your success through split testing

Define the ultimate goal of your success. What defines your success? Whether more opens or link clicks on your emails Execute the tests that let you accomplish your goals.


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