Experiment Combination of Variations With Multivariate Testing

Create and test multiple combinations for different elements of your landing pages. Evaluate which of the combinations of variations fetch the attention of the visitors amongst all. Multivariate testing allows you to make numerous changes at the same time.

Automate the Process of Creating Combinations

Are you not sure about the elements you created, now create multiple variations for the images and buttons? Test them and learn which variation is performing best. NotifyVisitors automates the process of creating different combinations and tells you which is converting better.

Drag and Drop Editor

The visual editor lets you create real-time changes on your pages. Choose the section and start making changes in the elements. Drag, move and type to have changes in your website without any prior coding knowledge.

Automate the Combinations

Now creating a supposed combination for all your element’s variations is no more a worry. NotifyVisitors automatically create the possible combinations to prompt you to compare them later to find the best one.

Which Is the Best Possible Combination

Want to know the best possible combination which gives you more conversions? Turn up your focus towards NotifyVisitors reporting capabilities.

The Winning Variant

NotifyVisitors assure the accurate testing results to know the winning variant. Without any requirement of reassurance from outside methods, It uses the techniques which give you a real picture of what’s happening behind the scenes.

Detailed Insights

 Dive deeper into the performance of the tests for your variations. Apart from visually comparing the combinations, you can analytically know the variations in the different combinations’ conversion rates. Find the best out of the rest.

Segment the Results

The visual editor lets you create real-time changes on your pages. Choose the section and start making changes in the elements. Drag, move and type to have changes in your website without any prior coding knowledge.

Conduct Tests Smartly

Set up the tests with multiple options to conclude the best possible combination or the winning variant. Determine the ratio of the audience to send the variations and get to know the winning variant. Get acquainted with NotifyVisitors’ unique testing capabilities.

Customize the Segments

Create your segments or use the predefined ones. You can choose the segments whom you allow to view the combination variations. NotifyVisitors gives you the power to imply different conditions on the segments such as Page URLs etc.

Test as per Behavior

 Actions and behavior play a prominent role in attaining conversions. Now run tests based on the action and behavior of the visitors. What are your visitors upto? Are they clicking more on a particular element, or how much time are they spending on your site?

Duration of the Test

Determine the duration of the test as to how long they are running. Get to know the conversions you have attained during the specified time. Gain valuable insights through the tests to improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and campaigns.

Preview Your Multiple Variations 

Analyze the previews of multiple variations and control versions of your AB tests and determine the best possible version for the audience.

Real-Time Previews

Get a preview of your combinations before you test them. Real-time previews allow you to load the combination variations as you would load for the actual visitors. Analyze the loopholes to attain maximum benefits out of your tests.

Verify Traffic Distribution

Are you running the multivariate tests on an equitable distribution of the traffic as you do in your campaigns? If you are not sure, you can verify if you have allocated the variations amongst the specific percentage of the total traffic you have on your page.

Preview Across All Devices

Before testing the combinations on your distributed traffic, view previews of the combinations across all the devices. Give your visitors an empowering experience while they get to see the real picture of your website. Attain an ideal perfection via previews.

Preview on All Browsers

Gain insights from the preview of the combinations on all the browsers. Gather information before you present the combinations in front of a set of audiences. Save the previews for a better understanding of the audience and test further.

Other Notable Features 

Multivariate Testing With Heatmaps

Integrate heatmaps with multivariate testing, know where your visitors are dropping out and what features are catching their attention. The results you get from the two powerful tools will help you catch hold of your audience and grow further.

Schedule the Multivariate Tests

To gain effective results out of your tests, conduct your test when you could be able to generate more traffic. Schedule your tests for a particular date and time and run them at that appropriate time to earn satisfying results.

Share and Report Analysis

NotifyVisitors allows you to evaluate and analyze the test results offline. Save the reports online by downloading them in PDF format. Share with the other team members and colleagues to discuss the essential insights. Come out with effective solutions.

Take Action on Results

Integrate the results with the third-party applications and tools for more in-depth analysis. Collaborate results with tools such as Google Analytics to develop insights you might not have noticed before. A unified view gives you a larger perspective.


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