Convert your users into loyal customers

With Lifecycle Optimizer, you have guided frameworks that allow you to understand your user base and move them from one lifecycle stage to the next.


Do experimentation with your campaigns

Experiments help you get better results. Lifecycle Optimizer determines which campaign pushes the most users from one stage of the customer lifecycle to the next.


Guided frameworks for maximum growth

Different apps offer different lifecycles, so there are two frameworks to help you: AIC and AARRR. Pick a framework, then specify the actions that qualify users for each stage.


Scaling the winning campaign formula

Once you’ve recognized the winning formula, you can automate your best-performing campaigns to deliver tangible results such as conversions, CLV, and retention.
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Advanced Segmentations

Entice users to keep coming to your app with timely reminders, personalized offers, and relevant updates. Make use of the real-time user activity for customizing message content and delivery so that every message works.


Behavioral Analytics

Let your every email offer a great customer experience. Our automated segmentation and next-gen personalization make it effortless to send messages that engage every user in a unique way.

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