klaviyo Migration Offer

Email & SMS marketing that actually delivers

Migrate to NotifyVisitors for better deliverability, clear pricing and unrivaled customer support. Get 30% off your first 3 months, plus a full migration package on us.

The Klaviyo migration package

Our full migration package—valued at $1,000—will help you get set up when you move from Klaviyo to Notify visitors. All you’ll need to do is give us some info and we’ll do all the work:

Step 1: Get 30% off your first 3 months

Take 30% off immediately when you switch to NotifyVisitors

Step 2: We'll set up your automations ($500 value)

We'll set up custom Welcome & Abandoned Cart workflows using email only or with SMS

Step 3: We'll build custom segments ($350 value)

We'll build custom segmentations so that you can target better, convert better, and get better sales

Step 4: We'll set up your signup forms ($150 value)

We'll help create signup forms that fit your brand and convert shoppers without being pushy

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Pricing that makes sense

With Notify visitors, you’ll get pricing that makes sense for your needs and is easy to understand. You won’t be surprised by frustrating, unannounced price hikes that can throw a wrench into your planning, budgeting and revenue estimates. All of our plans come with top-of-the-line customer support that won’t leave you hanging.

Deliverability you can count on

Notify Visitors has high deliverability rates that ensure your emails actually reach the inbox, plus a full range of stats on your deliverability results. But we go a step further: we’ll help you implement expert strategies, such as IP warmup, contact engagement and segmentation, and content tips that will help you avoid the spam folder.

Customer support that supports you

You’ll also get access to our highly-rated customer support, available 24/7—including weekends and holidays—with an average response time of under 8 minutes. Even better, our dedicated Customer Success Managers will proactively work with you to improve your results consistently.

Our special Klaviyo migration offer

To help make your move to Notify visitors as smooth as possible, we’re giving you a full migration package that will
allow you to get started on Day 1. This includes:

30% off your first 3 months

Jumpstart your success with Notify visitors by taking 30% off your first 3 months.

2 powerful automations (a $500 value)

Our experts will build you custom Welcome and Abandoned Cart series each consisting of up to three messages, free of charge. Use email only, or combine it with SMS and push. Our data shows that Welcome messages can generate 28x more orders than campaigns, while Abandoned Cart leads to 24x more orders.

5 custom segments (a $350 value)

We’ll build up to five custom segments for you. They can be as general as “Find me the most engaged shoppers in the past 30 days that spent at least $250” or super specific like: “Find me all shoppers who viewed this specific product page, are from the UK and are female.” Better segmentation leads to better targeting and more relevant messages, which brings in more sales.

2 signup forms (a $150 value)

We’re not done. We’ll help implement up to two signup forms so you can collect more subscribers more quickly. We’ll work with your brand to make sure your messaging, targeting and conversions are at their best.

Trusted by 6000+ Ecommerce Brands

Best multi-channel Customer Engagement Software
for your eCommerce Store.

Trusted by 6000+ Ecommerce Brands

Best multi-channel Customer Engagement Softwarefor your eCommerce Store.