Google Ads

Leverage multi-channel experience

Add Google in your technology stack to improve your services and engaging audiences better through multi-channel experiences.


Create audience with NotifyVisitors analytics

Integrate your google ad account with NotifyVisitors and begin exporting segments. Target users across google searches and other engagement channels with the relevant campaigns.


Target audiences that are likely to convert

Analyze the users’ data through NotifyVisitors analytics. Engage the audiences that are easy to turn into conversions, with the ads across the google network.


Track the inactive users and uninstalls

Re-engage the users who have uninstalled your app or are inactive for a long time. Track all the analytics and engage the inactive users with personalized content or videos.


Connect with the valuable customers

Create a similar audience as your existing customers, the ones who are likely to retain with you and align with your marketing goals. Create a segment and engage them to add value to your business.

Bring back churned as well as inactive users

Track your app uninstalls and leverage Google search, display or video ads to re-engage with your abandoned users and bring them back.


Build similar audiences based on your existing customers

Find and connect with potential customers who are similar to your other segments such as ‘valuable customers’ or ‘highest spenders’ to grow your business.


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Trusted by 6000+ Ecommerce Brands

Best multi-channel Customer Engagement Software
for your eCommerce Store.

Trusted by 6000+ Ecommerce Brands

Best multi-channel Customer Engagement Softwarefor your eCommerce Store.