Amaze your customers by matching their expectations.


Cut off the crap and send what contacts need. It will ease down your process of targeting contacts effectively. Admire their preferences and get rewarded back.


Who precisely are you trying to reach ?

Your prospects won’t give a damn to your email unless it grabs their eyeballs. With segmentation,gain the clarity to know what lures them.

Without segmentation…

Without segmentation…

Listen to your customers deeply through segmentation or you will have none

Speak differently to each contact on the basis of their interest. Form different groups and add tags to them to market your brand effectively.


Add tags to sort out group specifications

Use tags to label your customers and divide them into a specific group. Provide them offers and discounts on the basis of their tag category.


Add tags automatically

Add tags automatically whenever a prospect responds on your email link. Act according to their interest by sending them engaging content. Remember happy customers is the biggest achievement.

Modify email content as per tags

Tags allow you to send email with varied content. Use tags to alter section of images and content and deliver the customers what they desire.


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