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Let your prospects turn into leads through sign -up forms

Subscription forms allow you to grab customer information. Also, you can tag people on the basis of their interest and explore your brand marketing effectively.


Let your prospects turn into leads through sign -up forms

Subscription forms allow you to grab customer information. Also, you can tag people on the basis of their interest and explore your brand marketing effectively.


A Do-It-Yourself Editor To Create Your Designed Lead Forms


Trusted By 20,000+ Customers

Multiple Opt-In Lead Forms For Your Website

Modal Pop-up

A subscription form in modal pop up with a dark background. High conversion rate when used with NotifyVisitors exit intent technology.

Slider Pop-up

Show slider subscription form when a user scrolls through your page. High conversion rate when a pop up has shown to the user after a user scrolls your website.

Top bar

A floating top and bottom bars to show subscription form on a website all the time without disturbing users.

Attractive,Engaging And Responsive Themes

Start with a blank screen to build your lead form from scratch or choose from one of our ready-to-go lead form templates.


Grow your contact list in your way

To grow your contact list, NotifyVisitors offers you multiple ways from signups from new store visitors, gamify the email capturing, or running a special campaign with a dedicated landing page.

Capture abandoning visitors

Employing exit pop-ups reduce the bounce rate, lower checkout abandonment, and help you boost your signups. If you want to be more precise with the pop-up timing, you can select a specific number of pages to consider before the pop-up occurs or even limit its targeting to some particular pages of your store.

Build up your SMS subscribers

Pop-ups help you get contacts’ phone numbers ar quickly and allow you to grow your SMS lists. It’s up to you if you want to gather either and email addresses both or not. NotifyVisitors allows you to start running marketing activities by using the contact’s phone number for this specific person. So, you are free to choose your marketing method as SMS, email, or omnichannel marketing.

Analyze & See what works for you

Open, click rates & email revenue are significant metrics to evaluate your email marketing performance. But, when it comes to sign-up rates, you need to dig deeper into the device or location splits, compare different forms’ signup rates, see what’s driving you the most contacts, and offers the best results.

Easy Integration With All Email Marketing Providers

Works On All Website And ECommerce Platforms


High Conversion Rate With Advanced Level Targeting Rules


Exit Intent Technology

Show subscription form when user intent to leave your website. Get high conversion rate with exit intent targeting rules. Modal popup subscription form works great with exit-intent.


Scroll Percentage

Show subscription form when a user starts scrolling your webpage. Show pop up instantly when users scroll certain percentage of page height.


Time Based Targeting

Show subscription form based on time like time delay on a webpage, time of day, More targeting rules use page URLs, geolocation, referrer source, cookies and custom rules to show subscription form.


Technology-Based Targeting

Show subscription form based on time like Device (Desktop, mobile, tablet), Browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari), Operating System (Windows, Linux, Apple IOS)

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