Tools that improve engagement

A/B testing helps you to improve customer engagement, optimize message transfer rate, better push deliverability, and offers / provides amazing design tool to create multi-channel messages.

Tools that improve engagement

A/B testing helps you to improve customer engagement, optimal send times, better push deliverability, and amazing design tools.

Take full control of designing
your content

Make use of pre-made, customizable HTML templates to create personalized in-app messages and interactive campaigns easily.

Send custom push notifications that reach users on their devices and bring them back into your app. Personalize any notification with user profile info and rich media content.

Send triggered text messages, notify users of scheduled deliveries, send special promotions, or deep link to specific products or content.

Deliver transactional messages, automate replies to common questions, and host conversational live chats with the WhatsApp Add-on.

Create emails that are uniquely engaging for every user with automated segmentation, a drag-and-drop design editor, and next-gen personalization.

Test and repeat the process

A/B testing helps you to experiment with different campaign elements, and provides you with the best performing versions. It helps you to make data-driven decision and build campaigns that lead to growth.

Reach more users with improved deliverability

Our technology helps your messages to get delivered to a wide range of users so that your campaigns reach the right users.

Use activity trends for flawless delivery times

Send messages to users when they are most active on your app. Increase engagement rates by sharing campaigns at the right time.

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Cross-Channel Messaging

Our complete messaging suite keeps your customers captivated across mobile, web and provides / offers great in-app experience.

Journey Orchestration

Visually build and deliver omnichannel campaigns based on your users’ behavior, location, and lifecycle stage.

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