Data Management

Enhance the conversion rates and reach the zenith of success for your brand. Analyze the users’ data and understand their behavior to engage them at the right time with the relevant content. Data plays a crucial part for the longevity of your brand and we assure real-time user insights.

At NotifyVisitors you can track any type of data as per your business requirements along with the assurance of data privacy. Accessand archive the  users’ data across all the media channels and platforms at which you are running your campaigns.

System Attributes

Track the attributes of the users whoever interacts with your website or your app. NotifyVisitors pre-defines the user attributes for your business. Get a thorough understanding of your users and catch the generic details of the users at NotifyVisitors to know the events performed by the users.

User Profile Attributes

Add efficiency to your data management by evaluating the attributes each user has. Make the identification of the user easier and more flexible with the relevant information about them such as their address, their age and their last purchase. NotifyVisitors gives you the flexibility to change or edit the attributes.

Custom Events

View the list of the users’ data, events and other attributes which you send to NotifyVisitors. Record the events performed by the users with NotifyVisitors SDK and API. NotifyVisitors tracks all the data automatically and keep the users’ profile updated with their geographical information. i.e., their city, country, latitude and longitude, and the browser or device through which they have accessed your website.

Revenue Mapping

Draw the correlation between the users’ actions and your business’s revenues. Get the statistics of all the revenue generated from all your campaigns and journeys.NotifyVisitors allows you to have an integrated view of the revenue generated from different channels, campaigns by mapping the revenue with events & attributes.

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