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Combine multiple channels

Provide your customers with a consistent, personalized experience by reaching them on their preferred messaging channels, while improving your reach and conversions. With Omnisend, you can simply drag & drop these channels into a single workflow:

Save time with pre-built workflows

We’ve pre-built all the messages, subject lines, and workflow settings you need, so you can get up and running in minutes. If you wish, any adjustments can be easily done using our drag & drop Automation Editor.

Welcome series

Welcome your new subscribers and convert them into buyers with ready-made sets of friendly emails.

Product abandonment

Reach out to shoppers who have viewed products but left your online store without making a purchase.

Cart abandonment

Recover more abandoned carts by utilizing pre-built series with automated email & SMS messages.

Order confirmation

Send an order confirmation SMS or an email with a purchase receipt to your customers right after they make a purchase.

Shipping confirmation

Give your customers a smile by letting them know their order is on its way.


Drive more sales by suggesting more recommended products based on your customers’ previous orders.


Optimize and boost your bottom-line

Tailor your special offers & incentives for multiple personalized messaging paths within a single workflow.
Test to see which channel, incentive, or subject line drives you most conversions–and make data-driven decisions to improve your workflows.


Learn what's working

Track sales and engagement data to optimize your workflows without leaving the Automation Editor.

Deep-dive into each workflow’s performance to compare different channels and track the customers who converted.

Analyze aggregate workflows’ revenue and engagement data and see your best performing automations listed down.


Leverage your integrations data

Omnisend enables you to easily leverage your 3rd party data to expand the scope of your personalized messaging. Get creative and easily build custom workflows utilizing custom events and the data from your loyalty & reward programs, help desks, review programs, shipment tracking services and more–all while using the same Automation Editor.

Get hyper-personal

Enhance your automations with these scalable ways to make your messages
even more targeted and personal.

Conditional content blocks

Add & show certain email content blocks to only select audience segments.

Personalized recommendations

Cross-sell with dynamic recommendations of items each customer is most likely to buy.

Automation splits

Split your audience based on a variety of filters and send them down the different messaging paths.

Trusted by 6000+ Ecommerce Brands

Best multi-channel Customer Engagement Software
for your eCommerce Store.

Trusted by 6000+ Ecommerce Brands

Best multi-channel Customer Engagement Softwarefor your eCommerce Store.