Organize your targeting

Get a sneak peek of all your contacts stored at one safe place and engage them through personalized messages.
Add tags to contacts

Add tags to contacts

Assign labels to your contacts based on their information or their actions. Labels or tags allow you to organize customer data as per your requirements. Use them further to create segments. Achieve flexibility while tagging multiple contacts on import.

Trigger with tag automations

View the frequently used tags on the dashboard. Engage the customer segments with targeted campaigns in one click or trigger the tagged contacts through automation. Follow them up through personalized messages, at the same time you apply tags to them.
Tag automation
Know preferences of customers

know preferences of customers

Add customized fields to sign-up forms to know your customers at a deeper level, such as their preferences and interests. Arrange and target them based on the found information. Nudge actions with the triggered and personalized messages.

Add filters to segment

Get to know more about your customers and use these insights for targeting. Add the insights as filter options to create segments. Equip the benefits of the tags combination, these filters and other custom fields of forms to get a better understanding of the audience.
Add filters to segments
Customize your own tags

Customize your own tags

Create your tags by integrating your app intuitively with our marketing automation platform. Use our API and form tags based on contact’s interests and other attributes. Build strategies upon the insights you have got and take necessary actions.
Peppybiz allows us to effectively manage, monitor and deliver customer support. It provides omni channel monitoring and support at one place.


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Edit or delete tags in mobile

Edit and delete tags

Create tags, edit them or delete them as per your requirements. Engage contacts with personalized and targeted messages according to the tags. Remember to create tags which you can associate with a specific customer and remember them at the same time.

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