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A Brief View To Marketing Funnel.

The expansion of online business has now become possible in many ways. As innovative and creative marketing strategies have come up to fulfill business needs.  But how does a business come into awareness about the customer’s needs and their responses? and how does it improvise to convert leads into loyal customers? You can look up for all this using an analytical method, i.e marketing funnel

The funnel method gives us useful data on customers’ s actions on your website.  Funnels define various stages a customer undergoes before he finally purchases the product. At every stage, you can analyze a prospect’s behavior until he finally gets converted into a customer. 

A business can form effective strategies to attract more leads to their brands. They can create campaigns or posts blogs via social media, email or phones. This helps them in fetching customers at each stage of analysis. But not all the prospects reach the last stage. The major goal of the business is to get high-quality leads.

How does digital marketing funnel work?

There are various stages of digital marketing funnel representation, which shows you the drop rates and conversion rates at each step:

1) Catching Prospect’s attention: The first stage of funnel representation is to hold the prospect’s attention. You can do it through social media marketing, PPC campaigns, and inbound marketing. The main goal is to let people aware of the website so that they can visit or search for it.

 2.) Keeping the attention of the prospects: In this stage, you can show the uniqueness of your products in comparison to other competitors. You can measure the interest of the prospects if they have signed up for your services. From this step onwards, you can get the conversion rate of the Prospects.

3) Building trust of the prospects: This stage is all about ensuring the trust of the prospects by showing them the profitability of your brand. At this stage, you got to know about how many prospects have finally landed on your purchasing portal. Hence, you can extract out the conversion rate of how many prospect turn into a conversion.

4) Converting prospects into customers: The last stage can be inspected when the remaining prospects finally purchase the product. Now you can get the final conversion rate by analyzing how many visitors turned into a customer through the purchase funnel. Of Course, you can improvise at each stage in order to get higher conversions. 

An online business can change its strategy at every step of funnel representation. 

Marketing Funnels are the foundation principles that can take an online business, reach the level of limitless growth. In this blog, you got a brief description of what funnel is. In the next blog, We will discuss various types of funnel.


Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.