How Ayurvedic & Herbal Brand JustHerbs Increased Revenue Using Marketing Automation: Case Study

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About Just Herbs:

JUST HERBS is a global beauty and personal care brand which was established and founded in India by Dr. Neena Chopra. Where the world is selling products which are the amalgamation of chemical products, Just herbs offers an exquisite lineage of ayurvedic beauty and personal care products that are derived from plants and have therapeutic properties. It was launched as a brand in 2010 after the thorough research of doctor Neena Chopra about the Ayurveda benefits for skin and hair care. The brand assures safety, security, and effectiveness to millions of customers through its wide range of products.


The global cosmetic products market is growing exponentially and is assumed to reach $429.8 billion by the year 2022. Still, the affinity and knowledge about natural care products are low as compared to the other reputed brands. It becomes a tough task to drive customers towards the brand and retain them for a longer period of time. The customer’s joy to buy the products directly influences the conversion rates and revenues and these were some of the challenging areas that the brand had to focus on.


1. Reduced cart abandonment rates :


The major concern of the brand was to reduce cart abandonment rates. Many times the customers get attracted to the flashy offers but fail to complete the checkout process due to the displacements of the CTA buttons. It further pushes the customers away and leads them to abandon the product in the cart.

2. Enhancing engagement rates :

Customer engagement is the top priority for any brand as it decides the fate of your brand. Just herbs faced a major issue in engaging the all-pervasive customers across different channels and mediums.

3. Increase in conversion rates :

Another havoc which the brand was facing is stagnancy in the conversion rates. They were not able to locate the reasons behind the customers leaving their sites which led to the ultimate decrease in the conversion rates.

4. Educating the leads :

Customer awareness leads to conversion that ultimately results in higher revenues. The brand could not find any solution to educate the leads at an extensive level.

Approach to Solutions:

1. Push notifications

Just herbs implemented the NotifyVisitors’ Push notifications to enhance the customer engagement levels. The organic brand found it easy to engage customers with catchy offers directly to the customers’ devices even when they were offline.

2. Journey Builder

The brand resolved the pain points of the customers in their respective journeys by engaging them through different channels such as SMS/email as per the availability of the customers on those channels. Also, they were able to send & schedule the triggered messages to the customers as per the actions/conditions.

3. Broadcast messaging


Lead awareness became easy through broadcast messaging where the brand could easily send the automated newsletters and blogs to the visitors and leads. It made people more aware of the effectiveness of the brand.

4. Heatmaps


Heatmaps helped the brand to optimize the website conversion rates and allowed it to know why the customers are leaving their site and why they are abandoning the cart unnecessarily.

5. Automated email triggers

Email automation is an innovative and smart way to engage customers. NotifyVisitors made it easy for the brand to create and schedule emails through the customized templates which assures an increase in the email open rates.


  • The conversion rates were enhanced by 5.6% for the abandoned cart notifications after the adoption of heatmaps.
  • The brand saw eye-opening results in the overall website conversion rates, by 7 percent.
  • Revenue rates increased by 8%.
  • Engagement with automated email campaigns led to a 200% increase in the open rates for emails.
  • The average order value saw a hike of 26.5% where customers engaged and placed orders through the automated campaigns.

About NotifyVisitors

NotifyVisitors is a leading marketing automation software that has transformed the face value of many reputed brands via its promising endeavors. Right from engaging customers with relevant offers at the right time, optimizing the content, campaigns & website to analyze the analytics of the campaigns, it encompasses all the solutions for hard-core marketing issues and scenarios.

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