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Are you looking for a quicker resolution to all your marketing scenarios? Whether it is to engage customers while they are offline or getting higher click rates and revenues, you get everything under one multi-channel engagement software. i.e., NotifyVisitors—a power-packed software which is easily installable and supports multiple browsers & platforms. Choose the right alternative to vizury, which is reasonable & trustworthy on one hand, compatible and problem-resolving on the other side. Be accessible to your customers through personalized push notifications anywhere across the web world.

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Notifyvisitors vs Vizury

Migrate your subscribers to NotifyVisitors in intuitive and straightforward ways. Engage subscribers without any bar and limit. Live in the moment with your customers and Acquire them with flash promotion offers. Attain all this with automated push campaigns and reach your highest potentials with growing your customer base on quickly loading pages. Pick up your pace with the continuously evolving technologies and enrich customers’ experiences well.

Reviews by our Clients & Customers

“I wondered how a software can provide multidimensional features all at once. But NotifyVisitors make it possible with the easily adaptable medium.i.e. Web push notifications. Your subscribers are your support systems through which you can uplift your rapport. NotifyVisitors know this and enable us to grow our subscribers base without any requirement of mobile apps. Thanks to notifyVisitors for making it possible to reach subscribers anywhere with the triggered notifications and turn them into customers.”

“Our plans and strategies were all muddled up before we took on to NotifyVisitors support. We were able to sort out our strategies with the segmentation features of web push notifications. Through segmentation and personalized targeting, we turned out our loopholes into the never-ending miracles.”


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Say yes to NotifyVisitors and enjoy its remarkable features

AMP Pages

An AMP site not only loads faster but works best for SEO purposes too. NotifyVisitors support web push notifications on AMP pages. Enable your subscribers to subscribe to the AMP sites to engage them much quicker with the push notifications. The more closer you will be to subscribers, the better are your chances to attain maximum conversions.

Feature NotifyVisitors Vizury
Feature NotifyVisitors Vizury
Multiple-platform integration Yes No
Scalability Yes Yes

Multiple Platform Integration

NotifyVisitors enable you to integrate with multiple third-party platforms. Serving more than 6000 customers worldwide, NotifyVisitors allows each industry to engage and target users with relevant push notifications. Whether you are in the e-commerce industry, travel industry, or in the banking sector, begin your journey with NotifyVisitors and attain conversions.

Segmenting Subscribers

Segmentation is an integral part of customer engagement. Unless you don’t know where your customers’ interests lie, you cannot engage them. Segment them based on various factors, such as their geographical locations, triggers, actions, and browser-based factors. Add personalization to the messages after segmentation to get great results.

Feature NotifyVisitors Vizury
User-time No yes
country Yes Yes
Browser type Yes Yes
User history Yes Yes
Trigger based Yes No
Subscription time-period Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Vizury
Send Notifications weekly Yes No
Time-zone of users Yes No

Time-zone Schedule

After segmenting and targeting the customers comes the turn of the scheduling of notifications. You can send the notification and schedule them for a periodic, monthly, and weekly basis. You can set the date and time to send the notifications and the deadline until you want to show the users specific notifications. It sorts out the campaign engagement on a significant level.

Reports & Analytics

You cannot merely view the reports and analytics regarding the campaign performance, such as the conversion ratio, but get an in-depth insight into the statistics of push notifications, push notification unsubscription, and subscription-based on browser & device type. You can add the date filter and view the performance accordingly to compare it with the earlier campaigns.

Feature NotifyVisitors Vizury
Conversion ratio No Yes
Unsubscription report Yes No
Notification report Yes No
Subscription report Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Vizury
Audience rule Yes No
Select group rule Yes No
Browser Yes No
Preferences No Yes
Page URL Yes No
Geofencing rule Yes No

Targeting Segments

Besides targeting customers based on location and preferences, you can use other targeting rules, such as audience rule, select group, audience, and page URL factors.

Implement the conditions within each rule to be more specific with targeting the segments you created. Schedule the notifications once you set targeting rules.

Push Campaign Types

Avail the benefit of different notification types such as one-time campaign, recurring, transactional API, and leave intent push notifications. Each campaign type has a specific feature that lets you engage users at par excellence. Provide different offers to the users with the campaign types and see the fantastic results that manifest.

Feature NotifyVisitors Vizury
One-time campaign Yes No
Recurring Yes No
Transactional API Yes No
Leave intent push notifications Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Vizury
RSS TO Push Yes No


Generate more traffic for your content through the RSS to push features. You don’t have to send the content specifically via emails or on social media now. Avoid this lengthy process via the RSS feature. NotifyVisitors enables you to automate sending the RSS feeds with push notifications.Follow specific steps, and you are done with the sending process.


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