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Watch out user behavior, trends, and bugs in extensive details to make data-driven decisions. Suppose you are looking to go into the depth of the user insights and not just analyze them from external sources. In that case, NotifyVisitors is the best alternative for improving your performance and changing users’ perspective towards you. The interactive heatmaps work on dynamic as well as regular websites. Set up heatmaps on the relevant webpages and view the results in real-time.

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Visualize, Analyze and Convert Through Smartlook Alternative

NotifyVisitors heatmaps come up with the BI solutions and have multi-faceted advantages.

Their easy setup, easily integrated, and flexible features make it all more attractive. NV web-based heatmaps can be easily integrated with other applications, ensuring flexibility to set up by the admin. At the same time, account users can view the analytics and reports anytime through the dashboard.


“Trusting a new service provider is hard but when we took services from NotifyVisitors. It appeared so easy and flexible. The setup and installation was really easy and our problems were solved in minutes. Heatmap is one such product that we loved to the core. Now we could peep into the real-time analytics which other service providers hardly provide for heatmaps.”

“We healed the deflation issues in our lead and sign-up forms due to which we were not able to enhance our subscriber base. But NV heatmaps reduce our burden and now we can analyze where users are abandoning the fields and why they are doing it. The form analytics saved us from potential risks.”

“NotifyVisitors cart abandoment feature helped us win back around 15-20% lost sales. Great support by team. ”
“NotifyVisitors helped us to show different messages to visitors based on multiple targeting rule like traffic source.”
“NotifyVisitors completely automates the Popup Notification based on visitor behaviour.great support.”

Say yes to NotifyVisitors and enjoy its remarkable features

Real-Time Graphical Previews

Get previews of heatmap graphs on real-time webpages and not on the screenshots of the pages. Real-time insights have the power to fine-tune critical visitors into loyal customers. At NotifyVisitors, you get the opportunity to look at and analyze the real-time user insights with heatmaps.

Feature NotifyVisitors Smartlook
Real time Heatmap graphs Yes No
Screenshots No Yes
Feature NotifyVisitors Smartlook
Track unlimited visitors Yes No
Multiple domains Yes Yes
Multiple browser support Yes Yes

Track Unlimited Visitors

Map out heatmaps on the highly -convertible webpages and track unlimited visitors. There is no limit either to visitors’ tracking or domain analysis. Quickly configure the heatmaps on your websites, and you are good to go. Install a single code on the site, and you can begin with your analysis.

Archive Created Heatmaps

NotifyVisitors dashboard enables you to create, edit, and perform more actions on the generated heatmaps. Select the campaign and generate a heatmap. You can imply conditions while creating the heatmaps. Add as many domains you want to analyze: target specific or all the pages as per your requirements.

Feature NotifyVisitors Smartlook
Create Heatmaps Yes Yes
Analyze heatmaps Yes Yes
Archive heatmaps Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Smartlook
Scrolls Yes Yes
Hovers Yes No
Clicks Yes Yes
Date range filter Yes No

Heatmap Reports

Check out not only the scroll, clicks, but also the hovers on your heatmap campaigns. Use the date filter to specify the date range for which you want to view the heatmap report. You can see the clicks, scrolls, and hovers individually. View when heatmap was created and modified last time for future references.

Targeting Rules

View the time spent by the users on the site and the maximum/minimum page view parameters. Select and search for the new or all visitors through the drop-down menu. There are other targeting rules, such as the location, query params, custom rules, and sampling, while creating campaigns.

Feature NotifyVisitors Smartlook
AMP site support Yes No
Send notifications on AMP sites Yes No
Grow subscriber base Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Smartlook
AMP site support Yes No
Send notifications on AMP sites Yes No
Grow subscriber base Yes No

Heatmap Variations

Use heatmaps to optimize the variations you create of your campaigns. First of all, create ab test variations and come up with the best results—blend ab testing with heatmaps and give preferences to what users want to see. Live up to those promises with catchy content and CTA buttons.

User Sesssion Replay

Watch live user sessions and individual user interactions on your website, not the important ones. NotifyVisitors user session recording allows you to view the visitor’s session, scroll, type or navigate to different web pages and much more just like a movie clip. Through this, you can enhance the user’s experience.

Feature NotifyVisitors Smartlook
AMP site support Yes No
Send notifications on AMP sites Yes No
Grow subscriber base Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Smartlook
AMP site support Yes No
Send notifications on AMP sites Yes No
Grow subscriber base Yes No

Form Analysis

Evaluate why users are abandoning the forms or why they are leaving specific blanks on the forms. You can do all this with the help of heatmap software. Afterward, view the analytics such as the drop-offs, the submission attempts, field interaction time, and much more. Gain users insights and gain traffic.


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