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An ab testing software is not just about creating variations and collecting data by dividing them into an equal ratio of traffic. If you want to go in-depth with your experiments and ideas, optimize your conversion rates not only on papers but also in reality. Then, NotifyVisitors is the dead-end solution for all your conversion optimization strategies. Begin optimizing now!

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Is Notifyvisitors the Right Alternative For Optimizely

Content is one of the most optimizing elements for your website, and if you do not have the advanced tools to review and change it. You will fall back in your attempts to attain maximum conversions. Another advantage that NotifyVisitors ab testing software proffers is it works across all the devices and browsers. It comes up with an analytical report that reveals the biggest insights about when any of your versions is performing well to renew your business decisions.


“With so much work at hand, you have to handle finances, create promotional strategies and much more in a digital marketing business. It’s really difficult to implement a large manpower for the same. In all such chaos, we failed to turn out our visitors into conversions. Thanks to NotifyVisitors simple and intuitive user interface which allows you to create campaigns in minutes and make changes anytime you want to”.

“The best thing about NotifyVisitors ab testing software is it is easy to set up and quicker to install. You do not have to be a technical expert to integrate the code. A javascript code will be enough for you and just by installing it, you can create as many campaigns you want that too live with much ease and comfort”.

“NotifyVisitors cart abandoment feature helped us win back around 15-20% lost sales. Great support by team. ”
“NotifyVisitors helped us to show different messages to visitors based on multiple targeting rule like traffic source.”
“NotifyVisitors completely automates the Popup Notification based on visitor behaviour.great support.”

Say Yes to NotifyVisitors and Enjoy its Remarkable features

Reasonable Pricing

The prices and quality of software go hand in hand. If the prices are reasonable and you have tons of advantages, then it is a deal to grab on. NotifyVisitors gives you the opportunity to binge on to both of the benefits. A 15- day risk-free trial plan can be a delight and productive package for your enterprise. Get unlimited users, enhanced analytics, and 24*7 support.

Feature NotifyVisitors Optimizely
Free-trial plan Yes No
24*7 support Yes Yes
Enhanced analytics Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Optimizely
Variations Yes Yes
Goals Yes Yes
Date range frequency Yes Yes

In-Depth Analytics

Create AB test campaigns and get a report that carries all the key metrics of the versions. i.e., the conversion rate of each of the versions and your other predefined goals. NotifyVisitors ab testing software notifies you when any of the versions are doing better than the original version. Renew and revive your strategies accordingly. Get the advantage of tracking multiple conversion goals at one time.

Visual Editor

Create changes in your website in real-time with the help of drag and drop editor. It is quite easy to make changes in the elements just by dragging, moving, and typing. The best part of the editor is you don’t have to have any coding knowledge or skills. The editor works well for all the marketers as it is quite easy and intuitive to use. You can create variations as quickly as a blink of an eye.

Feature NotifyVisitors Optimizely
Drag & drop editor Yes Yes
Coding knowledge requirement No Yes
Real-time changes Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Optimizely
Multiple device support Yes No
Multiple browser support Yes No
Support responsive websites Yes Yes

Multi-Device Supporter

Make changes through the visual editor and builder and see its preview on mobile, tablet, and other devices. You can get an idea of how each of the changes you make would appear on a specific browser or device. The editor works for all dynamic and responsive websites. You can change and review the content for any device through the visual builder. Windows phones, ipads, and iPhones are also supportable.

Heatmaps & AB Testing

Maximizing conversions through a single tool is sometimes insufficient. You have to blend it with another tool, such as heatmaps. NotifyVisitors gives you the advantages of both the tools. AB testing software has an in-built heatmap tool that helps you track the visitors’ clicking and scrolling behavior. See and scrutinize the variations clearly as to where the users are clicking and what elements they are ignoring.

Feature NotifyVisitors Optimizely
AB testing with heatmaps(in-built) Yes No
Testing multiple pages at once Yes No
Speed functionality on multiple websites(Quality) Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Optimizely
Unlimited campaigns Yes No
Preview across all devices Yes Yes
Advance campaign settings Yes No

Unlimited Campaigns

Create multiple variations of campaigns in a few minutes. The NV dashboard is quite intuitive and easy to use. Give a name to your campaign and specify your URL. Navigate to the simple and advanced settings as per your choice and requirements. Imply conditions to it, and you are good to go. Enter the URL of the pages you want to test. Select if you’re going to ab test a specific or all of the campaigns.

Accurate Results

NotifyVisitors enable you to create and set up an ab testing campaign in minutes. As the testing can be conducted in minutes, so does the results are pretty much accurate. At the same time, you can create a campaign and perform different actions on it. You may delete, edit or use the function of the clone campaign. The clone campaign’s functionality allows you to apply changes only if a similar element is present on that page.

Feature NotifyVisitors Optimizely
Quick results Yes No
Clone campaign Yes No
Accurate results Yes Yes

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