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A heatmap software must not only calculate the scrolls, hovers, and mouse movements. It must also reveal and identify the pain points of the customers, creating obstacles in their path of conversions. Switch to NotifyVisitors heatmap support to analyze the user’s interactions with all the elements in real-time. Get round the clock support for the quick configuration!

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What Separates Notifyvisitors from Mouseflow

Eliminate the guesswork on your website activities. Turn the ideas into actions by tracking each visitor’s activities but having real-time recording sessions of the visitors at hand. 

Get the minute details of what makes users happy and what frustrates them at the same time. The enormous capacity of our servers, which are ready to serve more prominent websites with larger audiences, keeps us sane in the eyes of our clients and customers.

"Watching out the trending activities of your users lets you simplify their perceptions and interests. NotifyVisitors is a scalable omnichannel support which quickly integrates with other apps and allows you to view the heatmap reports in one single platform."
“As compared to other tools in the market, NotifyVisitors is much affordable and fixes problems quickly. You don’t have to be a technical expert to work with them. Their strong support and ready to resolve attitude helped us improve customer experience in multiple horizons. You could never believe how critical customer journeys can be turned into simplistic cases until you switch to NotifyVisitors”.
“NotifyVisitors cart abandoment feature helped us win back around 15-20% lost sales. Great support by team. ”
“NotifyVisitors helped us to show different messages to visitors based on multiple targeting rule like traffic source.”
“NotifyVisitors completely automates the Popup Notification based on visitor behaviour.great support.”

Say yes to NotifyVisitors and enjoy its remarkable features

Multiple Domains

Analyzing multiple domains is the key specialty of NotifyVisitors heatmaps. Created with BI solutions, the marketing automation software is cool to use for smaller as well as larger enterprises. Monitor the dynamic elements such as the content of the real-time web pages, which is a game-changer in your customer journey.

Feature NotifyVisitors Mouseflow
One code installation for domains Yes No
Multiple domains Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Mouseflow
Reports and analytics Yes Yes
Funnel creation Yes No

Funnel Analysis

Analyze the leak outs of the leads in the funnel through NV heatmaps. Review the activities of the visitors on the landing pages to obtain maximum conversions. Evaluate the drop-offs and create a journey of users who are on the path of conversion. Visualize the reports and analytics to see the key metrics of your campaigns.

Heatmap Variations

Blend the optimization tool with AB testing and watch unexpected results. Run heatmap on multiple variations of your webpages and use heatmaps to review the clicks, scrolls, hovers, and mouse movements over the key elements of the webpages. Get real-time analytics of the webpages which updates regularly.

Feature NotifyVisitors Mouseflow
Heatmap variations Yes No
Click heatmaps Yes No
Scroll heatmaps Yes Yes
Feature NotifyVisitors Mouseflow
Real time Heatmap graphs Yes No
Screenshots No Yes

Graphical Previews

Snapshots are an old age phenomenon where you cannot pull out what’s happening in real-time and how users engage with you. Extract better results with the graphical previews of heatmaps on real-time webpages. Be more precise and clear of what users want and what they ignore in the webpage elements.

Sustainable Data

Comparing with your competitors helps you grow, but comparing yourself helps in your evolution. Scrutinize the integrated insights in one place and allow yourself to compare your current heatmap reports with the earlier ones. Get daily, weekly, monthly, and periodical insights of the users such as scrolls, hovers, and clicks.

Feature NotifyVisitors Mouseflow
Data retainability Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Mouseflow
Quick configuration Yes No
Numerous codes installation No Yes

Configuration & Setup

Are you a technical expert, if not then worry not, analyze the forms field interaction with heatmaps without any prior technical knowledge. Add the custom form name and give the URL in which the form is present. Now choose the field you want to track. A simple and intuitive configuration is all you need to analyze forms.

Unlimited Websites

A limited plan can restrict your capabilities, whereas you get an added benefit of analyzing unlimited websites with broader audiences. Get to know about each unique users’ demands and interests. Watch out the live user clips and see what hindrances exist in the onboarding workflows and what you need to revive them.

Feature NotifyVisitors Mouseflow
Unlimited visitors Yes No
Dynamic websites Yes Yes

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