Have a Keen on User's Actions with LuckyOrange Alternatives

Don’t restrict yourself to view the user insights in your monthly reports or analytics. Dive deeper into the insights and analyze why users did it on every element of your website. Look into the dynamic elements such as pop-ups, drop-down menus, and modal boxes and see how users are interacting with them to optimize them. Get real-time insights into all the users’ activities. Reap the benefits of the NotifyVisitors heatmap optimization tool and enhance your conversions.

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NotifyVisitors vs. Luckyorange

What differentiates lucky orange from NotifyVisitors is that you can analyze multiple domains without any limit. NotifyVisitors is an all-in-one optimization tool for all sorts of businesses and sizes. You, as a marketer, can optimize your content, view the average scrolling on your webpages. Get the opportunity to see where users are spending more time on the webpage. Value your customers and analyze their intentions via heatmap graphs. Get your free trial now; we are just one call away!

What are the Users take on Us

“At NotifyVisitors, you get the advantage of viewing heatmap analytics that is freshly updated and not stale. You can share the reports with your colleagues and associates, and the best part about the NotifyVisitors heatmap is you need only one code, to begin with analyzing the heatmaps.”

“You can easily integrate the software with the third-party applications, and NotifyVisitors let you analyze the dynamic websites through which you can easily serve a large audience. We increased the conversion rates by more than 50 percent in just two months with the help of heatmap and reviewing user session recordings”.


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Multiple Domain Usage

There is no limit to the domains you want to analyze. You can use a single code in all the sites to which your business affiliates. Being the multichannel customer engagement software, it comes up with the exceptional BI solutions to alter your not so perfect campaigns into ideal ones.

Feature NotifyVisitors LuckyOrange
One code installation for domains Yes No
Multiple domains Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors LuckyOrange
Funnel creation Yes No
Drop off rate Analytics Yes No

Leads Drop Off Analysis

Evaluate the drop-offs of the leads at each funnel stage with NV heatmaps. View the maximum page views per day on your webpages. Know what elements are fetching visitors’ attention and what elements are pulling them off from your website. See if your assumptions are turning into realities, or are they still stuck.

Real-Time Heatmap Graphs

Inspite of getting the snapshots of the webpages, get a preview of all the heatmap graphs on real-time web pages. Get a larger than life perspective of your webpages with user insights such as their clicks, scrolls, or taps on the elements. Move the leads down the last stages with the funnel accordingly.

Feature NotifyVisitors LuckyOrange
Real time Heatmap graphs Yes No
Screenshots No Yes
Feature NotifyVisitors LuckyOrange
Heatmap Reports filtration Yes No
Targeting rules implementation Yes No

Heatmap Report Filters

Filter your heatmap reports based on conditions laid down in pre-defined segments. You can implement targeting rules on heatmap campaigns while setting them. Imply conditions on the targeting rules. Turn on and off the status of the heatmap campaigns in the intuitive NotifyVisitors dashboard. 

Data Retainability

Get the assurance of the retainability of your valuable data with the NotifyVisitors dashboard: view minimum and maximum views on the website based on different browser types and devices. Analyze the time spent by the viewers on your web pages. See the daily, weekly, and monthly insights of each metric.

Feature NotifyVisitors LuckyOrange
Data retention Yes Yes
Insights frequency Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors LuckyOrange
Intuitive configuration Yes No
Multiple code installation No Yes

Form Drop-off Rates

Scrutinize the interactions of the users on the forms with heatmap software. Get to know the loopholes in each form field’s drop-offs through the analytics. Visualize each form field data as to which field is getting more interactions or which form fields are the users ignoring. Analyze the forms with an intuitive configuration.

Heatmap & AB Testing

Use ab testing and heatmap together to come at productive conclusions. Execute heatmaps on ab testing variations of your webpages or forms. Show your audience the best and optimized versions of your webpages. Engage two powerful tools together and compare the previous analytics with current ones.

Feature NotifyVisitors LuckyOrange
Heatmap variations Yes No
Click heatmaps Yes No
Scroll heatmaps Yes Yes
Interactive heatmaps No Yes

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