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Are you a small scale entrepreneur or want an affordable yet engaging medium to retain users with you?Then make the right choice now by giving all your support to NotifyVisitors. Worrying about how to migrate your subscribers. Then, leave that to us. We are here to support you round the clock with the triggered and personalized notifications. Engage users with web push notifications, even when they are offline. 

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Why and How to Choose NotifyVisitors

NotifyVisitors is serving more than 600 customers all over the world. It is a firmly established marketing automation platform that provides integration with multiple platforms. You can renew your lost sales when you have NotifyVisitors by your side. Turn all your right efforts with the right resources and tools – the automated push notifications and targeting rule-based messages. Allow yourself to turn up into your best version with NotifyVisitors!


“ Our traveling company was going through a lot of chaos. We were not able to retain users at our site even after engaging them with emails and newsletters. Then, we heard about NotifyVisitors push notifications, and here we can convert more than 70 percent of our visitors into loyal customers with segmented push notifications. All thanks to the NotifyVisitors team”.

“ We were looking for an affordable marketing automation software solution which eases out our mundane tasks. Trust me; there is no better solution than NotifyVisitors as we flourished in every aspect of our business. It is quite easy to look up the user insights in a multi-user dashboard. Also, setting campaigns is much quicker and intuitive that leads to better effectiveness.”

“NotifyVisitors cart abandoment feature helped us win back around 15-20% lost sales. Great support by team. ”
“NotifyVisitors helped us to show different messages to visitors based on multiple targeting rule like traffic source.”
“NotifyVisitors completely automates the Popup Notification based on visitor behaviour.great support.”

Say yes to NotifyVisitors and enjoy its remarkable features

Journey Builder

Engage users with triggered notifications at every stage of their journey. Target them with notifications based on their actions, preferences, and other demographic factors. NotifyVisitors allow you to create a journey via drag and drop editor of journey builder. Pass the attributes and add the required conditions while engaging customers through campaigns.

Feature NotifyVisitors Izooto
Drag and drop editor Yes No
Journey Builder Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Izooto
Action based Yes Yes
Geographical based Yes No
Trigger based Yes Yes
Browser based Yes No
Device based Yes No
Rule based No Yes


Before engaging your subscribers through push campaigns, make sure you create different segments based on demographics, geographical, URLs, browsers, and trigger basis. Once you create segments, target users by adding personalization to allow users to know what they mean to you, retain them more on your site by offering them catchy discounts.

Target Subscribers

Use various targeting rules while setting up push campaigns such as Page URL, select group, Geofencing rule, etc. Imply conditions to the targeting rules and engage your segmented users with triggered notifications. Contextual communication is all you need to engage customers well. Schedule the notifications after implementing targeting rules.

Feature NotifyVisitors Izooto
Page URL Yes No
Audience Yes No
Geofencing rule Yes No
Select group Yes No
Hyperlocal No Yes
Device Yes Yes
Feature NotifyVisitors Izooto
One-time notifications Yes No
Recurring Notifications Yes Yes
Welcome Notifications Yes Yes
API transactional Notifications Yes Yes
CSV Upload Yes No

Automated Notifications

Try to engage users with different types of automated push campaigns. Use the amplified features of various campaigns such as CSV upload, One-time campaigns, and transactional API campaigns. The application of the campaigns is quite intuitive to use through an integrated dashboard. Create and manage campaigns without much effort.

Reports & Analytics

Make a note of your performance through in-depth analytics. Once you set the benchmarks to achieve your objectives. Check and improvise what you get in the results. Know not only the subscribers base but also get wholesome insights about your unsubscribers base to get a grip on why subscribers are leaving.

Feature NotifyVisitors Izooto
Subscribers’ analytics Yes Yes
Notification analytics Yes No
Unsubscribers’ analytics Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Izooto
Cart abandonment campaign Yes Yes
Custom trigger campaign Yes No
Autoresponder campaign Yes Yes
Recover campaigns Yes Yes

Personalization Campaigns

Bring back your users to the website through the personalized campaigns in case of cart and browser abandonment. Guide the users when they feel lost and grab opportunities when they take action with personalized campaigns. Communicate with the users as interactive messages that align with your goals.

Customize Push

Create subscription opt-in with customization features such as images, logos, and catchy CTAs. Focus on the text of the CTAs as they nudge users to act. Add pictures and your brand logo to let users connect with you instantly. Add audios as users sometimes get attracted to what they listen to rather than what they read.

Feature NotifyVisitors Izooto
Large Images Yes No
Large Logos Yes No
CTA Yes Yes
Emojis Yes No
Customize Opt-in Yes Yes

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