Real-time Insight are More Powerful Than Reading Between The lines

If you are assuming as to what users want and desire, you will get results likewise. To get solid validations and proofs, you have to analyze what you read and see more in-depth. If you are looking for an alternative to an Inspectlet, there is no better choice than NotifyVisitors heatmap software. Analyze dynamic websites and aim to obtain maximum conversions with just one code installation. Leave the rest to us if you worry about the installation and setup part, we are here to help you!

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Notifyvisitors Shows You More Than Just The Scrolls & Clicks

A regular heatmap software shows you just the scrolls, clicks, and mouse hovers. The peculiar quality of NotifyVisitors heatmap is that it gives you a crystal clear picture of what’s happening on your site in real-time. A real-time insight makes you aware of the changing preferences of the visitors. Also, NotifyVisitors gives you 24/7 support by providing the heatmap reports with users from different device types.


NotifyVisitors gives you immense support under a reasonable price which no other service provider could promise. NV heatmaps are not only a product but a magical tool to view the perspectives and aspects of the visitors as to what they like or dislike. The heatmap reports and analytics also give us a macroscopic view of understanding our visitors in a better way so that we could reach more people”.

“The services of NotifyVisitors are great to relish. All the products are really good, specifically the Heatmap product carries lots of power to dispense all your follies in your marketing strategies and renew them with the help of heatmap variations and user session replay.”


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Multiple Domain Use

There is no limit to analyzing the domains. You need just one code snippet, not even the javascript code lines, and start analyzing the multiple domains. Whether it is a regular website or a dynamic one, there is no bar for the visitors; you can track unlimited visitors and turn them into conversions.

Feature NotifyVisitors Inspectlet
One-code installation Yes No
Unlimited domains Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Inspectlet
Heatmap variations Yes No

Heatmap Variations

Serve your visitors not better, but best of all. Create variations for the different elements of the website and install heatmaps to bring out the best version of the element. Show your visitors what they want to see and not what you want to show them. Heatmap with AB testing tools can upgrade your business.

Unlimited Support

NotifyVisitors don’t hold you back in anything, whether it is about tracking unlimited visitors or analyzing multiple domains, we are here to help you 24/7. We are just a call away, and our technical & IT support can help you unleash your potential and turn them into marvelous, ever-growing results.

Feature NotifyVisitors Inspectlet
Unlimited support Yes No
Unlimited visitors Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Inspectlet
Scrollmap report Yes Yes
Hover report No No
Clickmap report Yes Yes
Maximum page views Yes No

Heatmap Reports

Get freshly updated heatmap reports and analytics. View not just the scrolls, clicks, but the mouse hovers under one platform. NotifyVisitors provides heatmap reports across different device types. You can imply the date filter range and the domain name and get the stats for any specific campaign.

Form Analysis

NotifyVisitors heatmap can help you analyze the forms on your website. Know why visitors abandoned the forms, the time of their interaction. Also, view the submission attempts and the field interaction time. Go deeper with the form- analysis as they form the foundation of turning your visitors into subscribers.

Feature NotifyVisitors Inspectlet
Form drop-offs Yes Yes
Left blanks in forms Yes No
Field interaction time Yes No
Form interaction time Yes No
Submission attempts Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Inspectlet
Live interactions view Yes No
Unlimited recordings Yes No
Save recordings Yes No
Recording views Yes No

User Session Replay

View the live interactions of visitors with your website. You can view the individual visitor sessions. Discover where visitors are getting on the webpage. Improve the users’ experience and analyze why they are dropping off and how they respond to the new features of your web page.

Graphical Previews

Like every live feature, NotifyVisitors give you a preview on all the real-time webpages instead of just the recordings & snapshots. There is a difference between what happened and what’s happening live. You get all of those real-time insights about the clicks, scrolls, and hovers of your users and analyze accordingly.

Feature NotifyVisitors Inspectlet
Snapshots No Yes
Graphical previews on real-time webpages Yes No

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