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If you are running an e-commerce store, you tend to face problems with engaging customers to their fullest potential. Sometimes you succeed; many times, you get bowled over by the burdens of their ever-changing requirements. You cannot engage customers based on certain assumptions. In such a scenario, you need a tool that tells you where users deviate from the conversion path and what is deviating them. Adopt a tool that gives you real-time insights into what users are upto rather than just the snapshots of webpages. Worry not, NotifyVisitors HeatMap lets you sail through all the customer pain points and ease the flow of the customer journey.

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Your website not just tells a story about your customers, but it reveals their internal insights and loopholes where you are stuck. Sometimes a particular element or many times your whole website needs a change. Do not panic, as NotifyVisitors is here to serve dynamic websites with unlimited visitors. NotifyVisitors heatmaps owe the responsibility to transform your website and business with result-oriented solutions. 


Switching to NotifyVisitors was a short and easy process. Also, we were assured by the advantages of switching to NotifyVisitors heatmap software. The quick setup, installation and its multiple domain usage made our work so easy and delectable. The fresh analytics and report updates made it possible for us to improve our conversions.”

“NotifyVisitors along with the user session replay is a magical tool to check in live the user interactions with your website. Even one session is enough to change your perspective towards the users and understand them in an effective way. On the top of it, the intuitive dashboard made our work easier with the figures and stats. We were able to analyze every bit of our website to the core and get a makeover of it within minutes”.

“NotifyVisitors cart abandoment feature helped us win back around 15-20% lost sales. Great support by team. ”
“NotifyVisitors helped us to show different messages to visitors based on multiple targeting rule like traffic source.”
“NotifyVisitors completely automates the Popup Notification based on visitor behaviour.great support.”

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Heatmap Reports

Get to know not just about the scrolls and clicks of the users on various elements of your website but analyze the mouse hovers of the users as well. See where your users are spending most of the time on your website. Optimize the dead elements and divert users’ minds towards them by redesigning the CTAs and reviewing the content.

Feature NotifyVisitors Fullstory
Click map reports Yes Yes
Mouse hover reports Yes No
Scroll map reports Yes Yes
Feature NotifyVisitors Fullstory
Snapshots of webpages No Yes
Real-time webpage graphical preview Yes No
Heatmaps with session replay Yes Yes
Unlimited session recordings Yes No

Real-Time Webpages

A snapshot or a screenshot cannot give you in-depth insights than the graphical preview on real-time web pages. Enhance users’ experience by analyzing each scroll, click or hover of the users. Incorporate heatmaps along with the user session replay to see where users are failing in onboarding flows. See live visitor sessions and review them anytime.

Track Large Audience

Optimize more significant and dynamic websites with larger audiences or visitors. Get enough opportunity to reach wider audiences on a larger scale. Expand your perceptions and turn them into goals. Use NotifyVisitors heatmaps to renew your business goals and achieve productive results.Let your audience choose you over any other service provider.

Feature NotifyVisitors Fullstory
Track large audience Yes No
Dynamic websites Yes Yes
Feature NotifyVisitors Fullstory
Ab test & heatmaps Yes No

Heatmap Variations

Sometimes one tool is not enough to turn your website into wonders. It would be best if you had the support of another one to attain productive results. NotifyVisitors allow you to use both without much of the effort. Create variations for the elements and install heatmaps to view which one of the versions attain the conversions and how you can further optimize it.

Form Analysis

Install heatmaps on your website forms and know about the reasons why users drop off the form fields and the time of their interaction with each form field. Get to know more than just the reasons for abandonment, such as the submission attempts on the forms and left blanks. The colorful representation system allows you to dive deeper into the real-time insights.

Feature NotifyVisitors Fullstory
Submission attempts Yes No
Form abandonment/drop offs Yes Yes
Left blanks Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Fullstory
Date range filter Yes No
Scrolls Yes Yes
Hovers Yes No
Clicks Yes Yes

Real-Time Analytics

NotifyVisitors allows you to view freshly updated data in one integrated dashboard. You can see the scrolls, clicks, and hovers on the website elements. Create a heatmap and select the campaigns and date range for which you want to view the analytics. Simultaneously, you can see the analytics of user session replay in the same frame.

Data Retention

Review your progress from time to time. See the analytics of previous campaigns and watch over your performance. View how far you have come in supporting the customers and reviving their promises. Monitor your progress concerning other competitors as well. Analyze where you stand out and what more is required to win conversions.

Feature NotifyVisitors Fullstory
Data retainability Yes No

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