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If you have been looking up for an ideal marketing automation tool that turns all your marketing troubles into the productive results. Then NotifyVisitors is the ultimate solution to all your worries and queries. Want to switch from FOXPUSH to NotifyVisitors but worrying about the additional costs of migration? Then, brush off all your fears and take advantage of the flexible features of NotifyVisitors’ web push notifications. Get round the clock support and pull up your belts to have a safer journey with NotifyVisitors.  

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With NotifyVisitors, you get an opportunity to target and segment subscribers based on every aspect and not merely the behaviour of the subscribers. Give the customer journey a 360-degree turn with powerful push campaign types and an opportunity to engage users on AMP sites. Reduce the burdens you face on the customer journey with the best multi-channel customer engagement software.


“NotifyVisitors gave us the power to reach the audience even when they are offline, this feature made our work so easier and flexible. We could now reach to the subscribers wherever they are with the triggered notifications. Also, the journey builder feature helped us sort out our worries in extracting out the loopholes in our strategies. Our customers are far more than satisfied and we could not have made it without the help of NotifyVisitors.”

“The endless efforts on our end went vain as we switched from one company to another. But as we took services from NotifyVisitors, our perceptions and results have changed drastically. We could now efficiently resolve the pain points of the customers without much effort from our side. 

The customer journey also sails smoother, and we are now able to convert more than 60 percent of our subscribers with personalized push notifications.”


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Segment your subscribers not merely based on the visitors who browsed through your page or content. There is much more to the segmentation feature in NotifyVisitors. You can create segments based on other factors such as geographical, demography, browser-based and trigger-based factors. Have an extensive view of what users want and where they hail from, and accordingly, you can engage them.

Feature NotifyVisitors Foxpush Alternative
Action based Yes Yes
Geographical based Yes No
Trigger based Yes No
Browser based Yes No
Device based Yes No
Rule based Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Foxpush Alternative
Select group Yes No
Audience Yes No
Page URL Yes No
Demographic targeting Yes Yes
Geo targeting Yes Yes
Device targeting No Yes
Behavioural targeting Yes Yes

Targeting Rules

Once you segment the subscribers, there is one more step you must follow before scheduling the push notifications, and that is implementing targeting rules. Go in-depth with targeting your subscribers – such as select groups, audience, page URL and much more. Imply conditions on the rules and later on schedule the notifications.

Campaign Analytics

Get to know about the subscribers, the source and location of their subscription. Besides, View the notification report – the clicks, delivered and undelivered push notifications. Simultaneously, Have a graphical view of the subscribers and unsubscribers based on the devices and browsers they use. Get a quicker review through the date filter.

Feature NotifyVisitors Foxpush Alternative
Subscribers Report Yes Yes
Notification Report Yes No
Unsubscriber Reports Yes No
Campaign Report Yes Yes
Feature NotifyVisitors Foxpush Alternative
AMP Site support Yes No
Multiple device & Browser support Yes Yes

AMP Support

NotifyVisitors enables you to grow your subscriber list on AMP sites. You can engage more and more users on AMP sites, and they can subscribe to your push notifications. Get the advantage of sending them the push notifications anytime, anywhere without any chaos. Watch your subscribers’ list expand and enhance quickly. Create engaging strategies accordingly.

Push Campaign Types

Now not only welcome your subscribers through push notifications but target them with automated push notifications through various campaign types. NotifyVisitors allows you to engage users with one-time, recurring and transactional API campaigns. Each campaign type envisages a peculiar quality and helps in retaining customers.

Feature NotifyVisitors Foxpush Alternative
Welcome notifications Yes Yes
One-time campaigns Yes No
Recurring campaigns Yes No
Transactional API Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Foxpush Alternative
Large images Yes Yes
logos Yes No
Catchy CTAs Yes Yes
Audios Yes No
Emojis Yes Yes

Push Customization

Customize push notifications with larger images and logos. Give a catchy and attractive touch to your push notifications to fetch more users. You can add audio to the notifications to save users’ time in understanding the context of the message. Give your messages a tone of personalization and use catchy CTAs to attract users’ attention.

Personalized Campaigns

Renew the lost opportunities on your website with personalized campaigns. Recover the abandoned carts or send automated or custom triggered messages to bring the users back on the site. Enhance the users experience by offering them what they prefer the most. Look into your strategies as to what is holding the users back to take action and engage accordingly.

Feature NotifyVisitors Foxpush Alternative
Abandoned cart campaign Yes Yes
Custom- trigger Yes No
Recover campaign Yes Yes
Autoresponder campaign Yes No

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