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At crazyegg, you might be just glancing at the visitors’ activities but don’t you think you need more than that. Now acquire visitors with the fast-paced heatmap software. Its ductile features make it more compliant and flexible to use- Integrate it with other apps and View the user insights in real-time.

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Allow your campaigns to shine out amongst the other competitors. Get round the clock support by our team and officials. Put out not just the elements of your web page under scanner but evaluate how visitors are interacting with your sign-up forms. Analyze all these with one installation code.


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Crazyegg vs Notifyvisitors

Heatmap Variations


Employ heatmaps on your AB Testing variations to get the best results for website optimization. View minute details of the website’s elements such as the scrolls, clicks and mouse hovers. Get detailed insights with the heatmap reports to know the tidbit details of users interactions.

Feature NotifyVisitors Crazyegg
Heatmap of variations Yes No
Browsable heatmaps Yes Yes
Click heatmaps Yes Yes
Feature NotifyVisitors CRAZYEGG
Real-time web page preview Yes No
Heatmap views Yes No

Graphical Previews

Get a preview of all heatmap graphs on real-time web pages despite getting confused into the screenshots of those webpages. The real-time interactions speak volumes rather than the mute screenshots. Conquer the key metrics for your website and not just increase them by figures.

Form Analysis

Evaluate the drop-off rates on your form field. Run heatmaps on the forms and analyze deeply. Get insights into the visitors who left and dropped out of a specific field. Dive into details such as the time spent on each field by the users and amount of submission attempts.

Feature NotifyVisitors Crazyegg
Form performance tracking Yes No
Field analytical tracking Yes No
Interaction time Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors CRAZYEGG
Free trial Yes Yes
24 *7 services Yes No

Round the Clock Support

Our dedicated and hardworking team works not only for themselves but takes care of customer assistance with equal passion and compassion. Begin with a free trial of 15 days and get to know by yourself the simple and intuitive processes of our heatmap software solutions.

Real-time Analytics

Notify not merely the clicks but the wholesome details of your website heatmaps within one integrated platform. Sometimes clicks are not just enough! Take a look at the mouse-hovers, scrolls and clicks on a regular, weekly or monthly basis. 

Feature NotifyVisitors Crazyegg
Clicks Yes Yes
Scrolls Yes No
Mouse Hovers Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors CRAZYEGG
Visitor recordings Yes Yes
Recording of variations Yes No
Save recordings Yes No
Recording views Yes No

Test User Sessions

Enhance new features on your pages by testing them and using heatmaps. View in live why visitors are stuck in the middle of a process on your website. See individual user sessions and improve user behaviour. Find and reproduce bugs at the same time to enhance the experience.

Data Retention

Collect data of unlimited visitors in real-time. Scrutinize massive amounts of data from past days and past months. Review your success based on periodical data and analyze how users interact with you. Work upon your flaws and strategize on how to fetch more visitors to the site.

Feature NotifyVisitors Crazyegg
Unlimited Visitors data Yes No
Data retention Yes No

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