Notifyvisitors Heatmaps: The First Step to Optimize Conversions

If you are looking for an alternative to clicky, you need to revive your conversion rate optimization strategies and find a tool based on that. The CRO practices are advancing in the latest years. There are various free and paid heatmapping tools. If you want to chuck out the exploration part, and want a heatmap tool which allows you to segment the traffic, gives you detailed and fresh reporting, lets you visualize user activities in real-time,then Notifyvisitors heatmap is the perfect tool for you!

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Notifyvisitors vs Clicky

Half of your job is already done when you can analyze the real browsing session with NV heatmaps. No doubt, heatmaps work better than any other feedback tool as they give only the verbal reviews and not the real-insights. Unlike clicky, you can use live user session replays and form analysis here to renew your conversion rate optimization strategies. Sort out your audience with different targeting rules while setting campaigns and much more. Begin a free trial now!


There are many complicated tools in the market which fail to give you a correct idea of creating and setting up a heatmap. But NotifyVisitors heatmap is easy to set up and quick to configure and install. They are easily integrated with other applications such as dashboard. Apart from that there are multiple advantages of NV heatmaps – You can analyze multiple domains at once and maximize CRO”.

“NV heatmaps helped us in realizing the loopholes in the customer journey on the website. We easily get effective cues from the scrolls, clicks and hovers about why users are dropping off after scrolling or clicking through an element on the page. This is how we are able to enhance users experience in multiple ways “

“NotifyVisitors cart abandoment feature helped us win back around 15-20% lost sales. Great support by team. ”
“NotifyVisitors helped us to show different messages to visitors based on multiple targeting rule like traffic source.”
“NotifyVisitors completely automates the Popup Notification based on visitor behaviour.great support.”

Say yes to NotifyVisitors and enjoy its remarkable features

Bug-Free Software

Heatmaps, along with user session replay, help you renew your relationships with the users and enable you to find bugs and reproduce them to enhance user experience. With this feature, you can test new features and know your users’ reactions to it through NV heatmaps analytics.

Feature NotifyVisitors Clicky
Bug-free software Yes No
One-code installation software Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Clicky
Unlimited Visitors Yes No
Unlimited domains Yes No

Website Analysis

Analyze unlimited websites and track unlimited users without any bar. You only need one code installation for a complete analysis. Once you analyze, view the hot or cold areas of your dynamic websites as to what users are interested in and what is deviating them from moving down to the conversion funnel.

Real-Time Previews

You cannot come out at fussy conclusions with the screenshots of the webpages provided by the other applications. Only real-time previews have the power to know what users like or dislike. NotifyVisitors heatmaps simplify this scenario by providing the real-time insights of the users along with heatmap reports.

Feature NotifyVisitors Clicky
Screenshots No Yes
Real-time previews Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Clicky
Heatmap variations Yes No
Integration insights Yes No

Heatmap Variations

Heatmaps and ab testing tools go hand in hand. Both are integral parts of each other. If heatmap is the first step towards conversion rate optimization, ab testing helps expand your CRO strategies. Create variations for the webpage elements and install heatmaps on different variations. Repeat the process to get the best results.

Reports & Analytics

View the clicks, scrolls, and mouse hovers under one integrated platform. Specify the domains or URLs for which you want to view the metrics. Select the date range, i.e.the beginning, and the end date of the campaign, and you’re good to go. Unlike clicky, where you can only look at the users’ views at your content, NV heatmaps are much ahead.

Feature NotifyVisitors Clicky
Scrolls Yes No
Clicks Yes No
Hovers Yes No
Date range filter Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Clicky
Save recordings Yes No
View live interactions Yes Yes
Unlimited session recordings Yes No
Individual user sessions Yes Yes

User Session Replay

NotifyVisitors user session replay allows you to view the visitors’ session, scroll, type or navigate to different web pages. You can look at each users’ sessions. You can see the analytics of user session replay in the NV dashboard. View the status of each session and when you created it. You can perform the necessary actions.

Form Analysis

Evaluate the analytics of the form and analyze with heatmaps as to why visitors are dropping off form fields, how much time they are spending on each field and what blanks they are leaving. View all this at one integrated platform. Turn all your visitors into leads with effective and expansive analysis. Lead forms are a great way to attain conversions.

Feature NotifyVisitors Clicky
Left blanks Yes No
Form Drop- offs Yes No
Interaction time on forms Yes No
Submission attempts Yes No
Failed submits Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Clicky
Create Heatmaps Yes No
Settings Yes No
Targeting Rules Yes No

Create Heatmaps

NotifyVisitors’ dashboard enables you to create heatmaps and imply settings into it. Unlike clicky, where you have to specify the site’s alignment and width to view the heatmap data. Here you can imply the settings and define the targeting rules while creating the heatmap campaigns.

You can set campaigns based on rules such as location and query params etc.


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