Swiching from Clevertap to NotifyVisitors?

No matter how many subscribers you currently have, Notifyvisitors’ migration process makes it easier and flexible. Not only can you migrate the subscribers but grow the subscribers’ list for your website with the simple phenomena of segmenting and targeting them. Renew the lost opportunities and get customers back to your site through triggered notifications.

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What Glues you to NotifyVisitors

Drive higher traffic to your website and strengthen the migration process. Migration might look a lengthy process, but engaging and customized push campaigns weigh more success in fetching more visitors to the site, increasing the capability of migrating the subscribers at a higher rate. You can rely upon NotifyVisitors with the singing praises and trust the renowned clients show in it.

Reviews to Push you Further to NotifyVisitors

NotifyVisitors dashboard is quite intuitive to use and lets you build multiple push campaigns such as recurring campaigns and transactional API campaigns. You can imply many targeting rules while sending push to the users such as geofencing rule and location rule. Get simplified push campaigns and increase the open push rates.

The name and fame attached to the web push notifications are quite inevitable in the new age technology. NotifyVisitors add grace to it by providing great features and potentialities of web push. You do not require an app to engage users now, and its continuous support for the AMP pages makes it unique. Send push notifications to the user anytime and anywhere.


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Say yes to NotifyVisitors and enjoy its remarkable features

Support AMP Sites

Expand your subscriber list and get the capability to send push notifications to the users on the AMP sites. Enable your users to subscribe to the push notifications on the AMP sites. Get fast-paced with the growing technology and turn your subscribers into customers.

Feature NotifyVisitors CLEVERTAP
Support AMP sites Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors CLEVERTAP
Supportable for all browsers Yes No

Assist all Browsers

NotifyVisitors support almost all the browsers such as Mozilla, Firefox, safari for the browser push notifications. Let your visitors receive the push notifications in all the browsers, which allows expansion and wide reach. Engage users with different types of push campaigns.

Segment the Visitors

Segment and personalization go hand in hand. Engage users by creating different segments based on location, device, browser, and URLs. Segment them based on various factors and target them with the triggered and personalized push campaigns.

Feature NotifyVisitors CLEVERTAP
Action-based Yes Yes
Geography-based Yes Yes
Location-based Yes Yes
Browser-based Yes No
Trigger-based Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors CLEVERTAP
CSV Upload Yes No
Transactional API Yes No
Recurring Yes Yes
One-time Yes Yes

Push Campaign Types

Create automated campaigns using rich images, media, logos, and CTAs. NotifyVisitors provide you with different push campaign types such as CSV upload, transactional API, and one-time campaigns with peculiar characteristics and functionalities of their own to nudge users at the right time.

In-depth Reports

Get to know every intrinsic detail about your push campaigns to improve them at the right time. Visualize the daily, monthly, or weekly updates about the subscribers, unsubscribers, and notification reports. Update yourself with each of the analytics to scrutinize the perceptions.

Feature NotifyVisitors CLEVERTAP
Subscribers Report Yes No
Unsubscribe Report Yes No
Notification Report Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors CLEVERTAP
Large images Yes No
Logos Yes Yes
Media Yes Yes
CTA Yes Yes

Customize Features

Build push campaigns using different features such as images, audios, videos, and catchy CTAs. Do not let your users down with topsy -turvy information. Be concise, clear, and add glitz to your push notifications to allow users to get your messages exactly as you want to convey them.

Personalized Campaigns

Resolve the issues of cart abandonment and drop-offs with personalized push campaigns. Trigger the users with the push campaigns. Bring them back to your website through cart abandonment, autoresponder, custom trigger campaigns, and bring sustainable results.

Feature NotifyVisitors CLEVERTAP
Cart-Abandonment Yes Yes
Autoresponder Yes No
Trigger-Based Yes No

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