VWO VS NotifyVisitors

Analyze More Than the Trails of Users

A great heatmap software not merely follows the trails of the visitors but also visualizes the users’ real-time interactions within your domain. Let the colorful and graphical representation of the visitors’ activities and interactions guide you in the right direction through the easily installable and quickly configurable NotifyVisitors’ heatmaps.

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What Makes Notifyvisitors Irreplaceable

An engaging website is not just the analysis of clicks, scrolls, and hovers on your website’s different elements. But equally important is strong support and backup the company provides you along with the captivating package of 15 days free plan and ready to view real-time insights on the dashboard.

Believe to What Users Said

“The data retention capabilities of the software solutions the NotifyVisitors provide is the solution to all your marketing miseries. Look up to the analytical data of your heatmaps for any specific period. The retention allows you to evaluate your past as well as current performance.”

“We were looking for a heatmap software which could help us serve large audiences and analyze our bigger websites. In no time, we were amazed to see the one-code installation feature of the NV heatmaps, which turned all our problems into curiosities.”


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Say yes to NotifyVisitors and enjoy its remarkable features

Web Page Previews

The real-time previews help in understanding visitors better than their screenshots. The lazy screenshots have plenty of limitations as compared to the real-time information you can get through the graphical previews. Get the unseen insights of the visitors on each element they click on or hover the mouse.

Feature NotifyVisitors VWO
Real-time Graphical previews Yes No
Screenshots No Yes
Feature NotifyVisitors VWO
Clicks Yes No
Scrolls Yes No
Mouse-hovers Yes No

Real-Time Analytics

View every activity performed by the users on your website through data analytics in the NotifyVisitors dashboard. See the total number of clicks, scrolls, and mouse- hovers on your website elements, including forms. Mouse-hovers can tell you much more about the users’ intentions as compared to the scrolls and clicks.

Pricing Power

Get a free version of the heatmap software and resolve your queries with full ease and flexibility. 

Take advantage of handy tips to have higher no. of page views, user sessions, and much more at a standard plan of 99 dollars per month and a basic plan of 29 dollars per month. Call us anytime in need of the hour.

Feature NotifyVisitors VWO
Free version Yes No
Plan Prices 99 $ 169$
Feature NotifyVisitors VWO
Bug-free software Yes No

Reproduce Bugs

Get rid of all the bugs and friction areas that are hampering your way in attaining maximum conversions. Heatmaps and live user sessions allow you to understand the user behavior in real-time and look into the loopholes in the onboarding flows. Enhance user experience to gain more traffic to the website.

Ab Test & Heatmaps

Use heatmap to strengthen your AB testing results once you create variation and test it against the control version to come up with the winning variant. Its time to reboot your AB testing results with heatmaps. Run heatmaps on the winning variant to improvise it further. There is no end to improvisation until you get better results.

Feature NotifyVisitors VWO
Heatmap variations Yes Yes
Integration insights Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors VWO
Unlimited sub user accounts Yes No

Unlimited Subusers

Provide an unlimited number of sub-user accounts to all your team members. Ensure control and authority over the accounts by the administrators. Allow those team members to look over the regular insights and analytics of the heatmap campaigns. Get a panoramic view of all the integrated insights under one platform.

Audience Capacity

There is no limit in analyzing bigger websites with a larger number of audiences.Run heatmaps on the landing pages, web pages, and forms of the website to evaluate the minutest details of the website’s elements such as the time spent by the users on the fields and how they interact with CTAs and other vital elements.

Feature NotifyVisitors VWO
Bigger websites Yes Yes
Unlimited visitors tracking Yes No

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