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No matter the size of your customer base, you can now target them and trigger them with the automated push notifications. Are you worried about the lengthy and complicated migration procedure? With Notifyvisitors, you can get an assurance of a quicker and faster process. Trusted by more than 6000 plus customers, NotifyVisitors is always known for its AI-powered personalization, segmentation, and cross-device customer engagement via push notifications.

Trusted By 20,000+ Customers

Customer Who Found us an Never Left ore Side

“The intuitive interface lets you do everything at one place right from creating different types of push campaigns to target them through a multi- targeting rule. Also, importing subscribers did not even take a day. The team was quite supportive and proactive in satisfying us to the tee.”

“Targeting customers becomes a head-spinning task for the marketers but NotifyVisitors makes it much easier to target them on the basis of multiple factors and scheduling the notifications within the time-zone of the subscribers. We were able to cover up the drop-off rates with the leave intent push notifications which enabled us to empower users more.”

Overlook the Size of Customer Base and Engage Them Anywhere

The configuration and implementation of NotifyVisitors is quicker and come up with a faster resolution. The added advantages of unlimited notifications and engaging upto 2000 subscribers in the free trial plan makes it a more attractive package. Apt for all the enterprises, whether large or medium, You can engage unlimited subscribers at cost-effective rates with different push campaigns and customize opt-ins.


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Expand your subscriber list and get the capability to send push notifications to the users on the AMP sites. Enable your users to subscribe to the push notifications on the AMP sites. Get fast-paced with the growing technology and turn your subscribers into customers.

Feature NotifyVisitors Maxtraffic
Action-based Yes Yes
Geography-based Yes Yes
Location-based Yes Yes
Browser-based Yes No
Trigger-based Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Maxtraffic

AMP Site Support

There are lots of advantages of AMP sites- quick loading and faster-growing subscribers’ base. You can have it all with the help of NotifyVisitors support. Increase the list of subscribers. With this feature, users can easily subscribe to the push notifications on the AMP sites.

Schedule Notifications

Target subscribers and send/schedule notifications periodically. Schedule them on a monthly, weekly, or periodically basis. Set the date and time to send the push notification and add as many fields as possible. You can also set the deadline upto when you want to show the push notification to the subscribers.

Feature NotifyVisitors Maxtraffic
Send notifications weekly Yes No
Time-zone of users Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Maxtraffic
Subscribers reports Yes No
Unsubscribers reports Yes No
Notification reports Yes No

Advance Analytics

Get data and insights about the subscribers who have subscribed from different browsers and devices. You can have a graphical view of both the subscribers and unsubscribers analytics. Get a straightaway view of the total subscribers and unsubscribers if not satisfied with the graphical representation.

Targeting Rules

Engage different users with different offers to varied segments of visitors enables you to create a more intimate connection with the subscribers. Use various targeting rules such as page URL, geofencing rule, and audience. Make sure to imply the required conditions on them. Schedule the notifications once you target.

Feature NotifyVisitors Maxtraffic
Page URL Yes Yes
Audience Yes No
Geofencing rule Yes Yes
Select group Yes No
Feature NotifyVisitors Maxtraffic
CSV Upload Yes No
One-time campaigns Yes No
Recurring campaigns Yes No

Automated Push

NotifyVisitors allow you to engage users with different push campaigns such as one-time and recurring campaigns. Use enriching features of the notifications and trigger users with automated notifications at the right time. Get higher responses and maximize your click-through rates.

Campaign Features

Install large images, logos, audios, or videos to your push notifications. Remember to spread your message to the users. Put crystal clear information to the notifications to convince the users to click on them and take the required action. Higher click rates mean higher revenues and greater success.

Feature NotifyVisitors Maxtraffic
Large images Yes No
logos Yes Yes
Media Yes Yes
CTA Yes Yes
Feature NotifyVisitors Maxtraffic
RSS to Push Yes No

RSS to Push

Now don’t wait for the users to view your notifications by sending them your rss feeds in mails. NotifyVisitors new RSS to push feature enables you to automate the sending of RSS feeds with push notifications. Send the feeds to the users instantly and gain maximum traffic as well as a great tool for bloggers and publishers.


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