Email Marketing Funnel: Full Guide

The email funnel comprises a series of emails that guides someone through becoming a customer or taking the expected action.

What is an Email Funnel



– Top of the funnel (Awareness and Consideration). – Middle of the funnel (Conversion and Loyalty). – Bottom of the funnel (Advocacy).

Stages of an Email Funnel


– Move leads through the buying process. – Turn visitors into paying customers.

Purpose of an Email Marketing Funnel 


– Nudging prospects smoothly. – Personalization and drip campaigns. – Measuring performance.

Benefits of an Email Marketing Funnel


– Use quality content to boost conversions. – Utilize CRM and automation tools. – Segment your audience and personalize content.

Best Practices and Tips 

– Email marketing funnels simplify the process. – Prioritize quality over quantity. – Consider using NotifyVisitors email marketing automation tool for business growth.

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