How to Build an Email List? 9 Killer Strategies You Should Use in 2023

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Surprise your visitors with popup forms 

– Use popup forms to engage visitors actively. – Test different signup forms for optimal results.


Embedded signup forms 

– Place signup forms strategically on high-traffic pages. – Consider dedicated signup pages for better conversion rates.


Interaction with gamification 

– Use interactive signup forms and gamification to engage visitors. – Combine design and compelling content for effective results.


Incentives are powerful 

– Incentivize visitors with relevant offers like discounts or freebies. – Tailor incentives to what people are looking for.


Conjure giveaway

– Plan and execute contests and giveaways effectively. – Make it easy to join and promote winners for engagement.


Leverage Your Social Media Account

– Add signup buttons on social media platforms. – Run campaigns and promotions on social media to expand your list.


Run A Viral Contest 

– Encourage people to share contests for bonus entries. – Leverage user-generated content for trust-building.


Manually Reach Out To Your Contacts 

– Contact existing contacts and ask them to join your list. – Encourage them to share the news with others.