Email Marketing Checklist: 21 Points to Send Error-Free Email

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Determine Your Goal

– Define clear goals unique to each email's purpose. – Metrics to track success: Opens, Clicks, Sales, Unsubscribes, Spam reports.


Check Your Subject Line 

– Craft a concise and engaging subject line. – Avoid typos and repetition. – Best practices: Keep it short, add urgency, experiment, avoid spammy elements.


Choose the Right Sender 

– The sender's name greatly impacts open rates. – Avoid no-reply addresses and use a recognizable, personal name.


Add Preheader (Preview) Text 

Utilize preview text to add urgency and incentives. 


Choose the Right List 

– Select the appropriate contact list for each email type. – Avoid sending to the wrong list to prevent unsubscribes and spam reports.


Exclude Certain Recipients 

Decide who to exclude from your email campaigns to prevent inbox overload. 


Don't Forget to Press Send 

Ensure your email reaches its intended audience. 


Monitor Metrics 

– Track open rates, bounce rates, and click-through rates. – Analyze who opened and didn't, and which links were clicked.