Email Design: Examples & Best Practice

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What Do You Understand About Email Design?

Email design is about creating compelling email elements that enhance email marketing and boost ROI.

Why Does Designing an Email Matter? 

In an information-overloaded world, effective email design is crucial to capture attention and convey information concisely.

Types of Email Design:

Plain Text: Simple, personalized, responsive, and easy to design but lacks visual appeal. b. Rich HTML: Impressive, flexible, and content-rich, but requires coding skills and may not display well on all devices. c. Interactive Templates: Exciting with a wow factor but limited by email reader support for JavaScript and AMP.

Best Practices to follow while designing an email


Create a strong headline

– Write down your readers’ thoughts in as few words as possible  – Give the value to the recipient who wants to open the email.


Write an interesting pre-header

Instead of rewriting the first sentence of your email, you can edit the pre-header to give you an inside look at what your email recipients will read in your message. 


Get to the point 

Please give your email recipients the information they want and need from you without wading through the weeds. It shows them that you value their time and can help improve email subscriber retention.