How to Create An Effective Email Autoresponder Series


Greet new subscribers 

– Welcome email campaign to greet new subscribers. – Introduce brand and history. – Engage with questions and interaction. – Include social buttons for more subscribers and stronger relationships.


Motivate new subscribers 

– Onboard autoresponder series to educate about brand usage. – Display brand's value and capabilities. – Example: Free trial of Amazon Web Services.


Nurture your leads 

– Attract subscribers with welcome emails. – Use informative content to engage and convert leads. – Utilize an effective lead nurturing email autoresponder workflow. – Target conversion through the email sales funnel.


Convert leads into customers 

– Plan user's path through pre-written email series. – Send automated thanks for subscribing mail. – Educate and build trust.


Confirm user's action 

Send confirmation emails for actions like registration, shipping, subscription, and sale. 


Promote referral program 

– Reward customers for referring to the brand. – Provide invite links and social sharing options. – Boost sales through referrals.


Promote your upcoming events 

– Create an effective autoresponder email series to attract customers to webinars or events. – Engage users with relevant event information and reminders.