What is Email Automation? 5 Strategies to Grow your Business

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What is Email Automation?

Frequently triggered emails mainly driven by a customer’s behavior can be termed email automation. These emails are sent by service providers based on the customer’s activity. 

5 Best Strategies to Grow your Business through Email Automation


Customer Testimonials & Reviews: 

– Leveraging user-generated content for building brand trust. – Customer reviews as social proof and trust-building tools. – Including reviews in emails for product/service awareness.


Sending Feedback Forms 

– Sending automated feedback forms to understand customer experience. – Timing the email after customers receive and use the product. – Positive impact on brand perception and openness to feedback.


Promotional Deals & Discount Mails 

– Offering exclusive deals and discounts to drive purchases. – Encouraging hesitant customers with limited-time offers.


Newsletters To Subscribers 

– Establishing personal connections through regular newsletters. – Providing special deals and promo codes for subscribers.


Send Welcome Emails 

– Making customers feel special with automated welcome emails. – Assisting customers with additional steps in the purchase process.