What is a Drip Campaign? Definition, Examples, and Different Type

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What is a Drip Campaign?  

Drip campaigns use pre-planned messages to engage existing and potential customers, triggered by time, recipient actions, site connections, and other parameters.

Benefits of Drip Campaign

– Increase brand awareness, attract leads, and build trust. – Maintain high communication levels with potential customers. – Address the fact that many prospects need time before buying.

Drip Campaign Types and Example


Data-driven email campaign automation 

– Utilize data-driven automation for targeted messages. – Examples: Birthday Based Trigger, Subscription Renewal Trigger.


Email drip functions based on user behavior 

– Triggered by user actions. – Examples:Welcome Email Promotion Campaign (Personalization). Product Upsell email automation (Upselling strategy).


Product information campaign 

– Educate users about your product's features and benefits. – Example: Image Beauty's informative approach.


Unsubscribe campaign 

– Re-engage unsubscribers with options. – Offer a "regret leaving" page or email.


Re-engagement campaign

– Encourage inactive customers to re-engage. – Examples: Friendly reminders or formal invitations.


Post Purchase campaigns 

– Nurture customer loyalty after purchase. – Keep existing customers engaged for future shopping. – Use post-purchase drip emails for retention.

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