9 Best Whatsapp Marketing Software

Orange Lightning

1. NotifyVisitors

– Whatsapp marketing software solution. – Send personalized messages to customers. – Integration with websites and apps for tracking and targeting. – Create targeted campaigns, audience segmentation, and automation. – Real-time engagement and follow-up messages.

2.  MessageBird 

– Omnichannel communications platform. – Easy Flow Builder for WhatsApp template messages. – Pre-approved message templates. – Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence integration. – Reporting and WhatsApp Business Partner status.

3 WebEngage 

– Marketing automation software. – Execute various campaigns including WhatsApp. – Direct integration with a WhatsApp Server Provider. – Advanced customer data management and omnichannel features.

4. Brevo 

– Comprehensive WhatsApp Campaigns. – Send bulk WhatsApp marketing campaigns from one interface. – Access to WhatsApp API. – Interactive messages and automation.

5.  Twilio 

– Communication software with APIs for messaging. – Multichannel marketing with rich content. – Individual pricing plans for each channel. – Suitable for tech professionals and complex solutions.

Choose the one that suits your business needs, considering pricing, features, and integration possibilities