8  Best WhatsApp Apps for Shopify in 2023

Orange Lightning

1. NotifyVisitors

– Enables WhatsApp integration for marketing campaigns. – Automated messages, notifications, and updates to customers. – Broadcast messaging for news and advertising. – Chatbots for customer service and support. – Thorough analytics for campaign effectiveness.

2.  DelightChat 

– Unified inbox for multiple support channels. – WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger support. – Official WhatsApp business API. – Broadcasts, cart recovery, order notifications. – Shopify order data view.

3 SuperLemon 

– WhatsApp automation for cart recovery, chat, and notifications. – Abandoned cart templates, order confirmations, etc. – Customizable WhatsApp buttons. – Free version with unlimited chats, paid plans available.

4. Softpulse Infotech 

– Abandoned cart recovery, FAQs, order tracking. – Automated WhatsApp messages/templates. – Customizable WhatsApp chat button. – Free trial for 30 days, multiple support agents.

5.  Pushdaddy 

– Marketing automation campaigns. – Chat widget installation, chat styles. – Facebook Messenger and Instagram integration. – Automated cart recovery, promotional messages.

Choose the one that suits your business needs, considering pricing, features, and integration possibilities