15+ Best Confirmation Email Templates You Can Use

What Is a Confirmation Email?

– Automatic response email triggered by customer actions. – Confirms successful transactions: purchases, subscriptions, registrations.

Best Confirmation Email Template


Order Confirmation email

– Provides confidence in successful purchase. – Includes: Product details, Order number, Costs, Delivery info, Cancellation options.

Booking Confirmation Email 

– Thanks customers for online orders. – Builds customer-business relationship. – Includes Emergency contact and Booking info.


Registration Confirmation Email 

– Verifies successful registrations. – Guides clients through next steps. – Useful for events, webinars, apps.


Subscription Confirmation Email 

– Generated upon mailing list signup. – Importance of double opt-in for accuracy. – Double opt-in increases subscribers' likelihood to engage.


Feedback Confirmation Email 

– Assures customers their feedback is received. – Maintains customer satisfaction and engagement.


– Encourages referrals from satisfied customers. – Harnesses the power of customer references.


Referral Email Confirmation