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Advantages of

Email Marketing

1. Personalized and Unique Content

– Customized messages for target audience – Higher click rate with recipient name – Segmenting email list for specific message – Using images and catchy subject lines for engagement

2. Improving Communication

– Engaging and connecting with the audience – Updates on brand, team, and owner – Maintaining customer loyalty – Engaging with brand ambassador

3. Driving Sale

– High ROI source (59% of companies) – 760% increase in profits with segmented campaign – Encouraging purchases through abandoned cart recovery, coupons, and exclusive – Personalized messages to attract specific audience

4. Obtaining Feedback

– Surveys and feedback forms for consumer engagement – Understanding customer satisfaction – Calculating Net Promoter Score (NPS)

5. Generating Website Traffic

– Informing audience about new blog content – Improving SEO ranking – Increasing CTA clicks and purchase

6. Practicing Cost-Effectiveness

– Low cost compared to direct/print marketing – Minimal resources needed (graphic artist, writer) – Quick and easy email creation – Allowing budget allocation for other marketing effort