Highly Effective Abandoned Cart Email

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What is Cart Abandonment?

Cart Abandonment is when a customer adds items to their cart but abandons it without completing the purchase. The items left behind in the cart are abandoned.

What are Abandoned Cart Emails?

Abandoned cart emails are sent to customers who left their cart abandoned without completing the checkout process or purchase.

Reasons for Abandoned Cart

1. Extra costs are high 2. Mandatory account creation 3. Long checkout proce 4. Fewer payment option 5. Slow website 6. Slow delivery  7. Lack of trust 8. Unsatisfactory return policy

How Do Abandoned Cart Emails Work?

– Using email marketing tools for automated email sequences. Email 1: Cart reminder (after a few hours of cart abandonment) Email 2: Follow up (after a few days) Email 3: Promotional discount (a few days after two emails)

How to write successful Abandoned Cart Emails?

1. Choose the right time to send email 2. Build trust and credibility in email 3. Use personalization 4. Make it mobile friendly 5. Use appealing copywriting

Effective Abandoned Cart Emails Example


Make use of GIFs images- NARS Cosmetics 

NARS Cosmetics uses GIF images correctly with a bright colour combination and appealing copy. This strategy of NARS cosmetics works because it immediately grabs the reader’s attention.


Use visual cues to draw user attention – The North Face

The North Face abandoned cart email is the best example of a creative email using visual cues of a person climbing. This will draw the user’s attention to the important elements. 


Short, simple, and with social proof- Casper

Casper abandoned cart email is short, simple, and with important elements. Its email contains snappy text and a strong CTA. 

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