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Keep your team driven & engaged with an interactive motivation survey.

Employee motivation and employee engagement go hand in hand. Understand how people are really feeling to improve morale, boost performance and keep job satisfaction high.

What makes a typeform survey so special?

Filling in surveys can be dull. Typeforms turn a chore into an interactive and fun experience. Ask one question at time for a conversational feel. Whitelabel the design to match your company colors. Get better feedback, more often.

How can I share my motivation survey?

You can share any survey by embedding it directly into a web page, or by including the link in an email or Slack message. Employees can easily leave their feedback on any device and you can send the responses to your location of choice with our range of integrations.

What should I ask my employees?

Asking the right questions isn’t as easy as it sounds. Do you go for open ended only? Should you add a rating scale? Take a look below for 10 examples of great motivation survey questions.

Just used Typeform for the first time and was blown away by the conversational UX, keyboard-first interaction, and overall attention to detail. Form builders are as old as the web, but this approach elevates the medium substantially.

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