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Trageting Rules

NotifyVisitors provides multiple targeting rules to show popups and survey / feedback survey based on visitors' behaviour.


Support Multiple Platforms

NotifyVisitors works across all devices and platforms.Create mobile responsive popups and survey / feedback survey. adapt themselves according to the platform.

  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Desktop


Personalize the content your visitors see based on their location.We track the IP of a visitor on your site to find his/her locale. You can show notification to visitors coming from specific geographies.


Scrolling Percentage

Notifyvisitors allows you to show notifications and survey / feedback survey after certain scrolling percentage which is set by you.

Visual Selector

Now you can add notification based on rules using visual selector. Notifyvisitors now allows you to choose your website element visually and set rules based on same without passing any values in the integration code.



Showing different content to people who have visited a different number of times. This means you can personalize the experience for first time visitors, repeat visitors and regular visitors.

Dynamic notification

Dynamic Notifications offer you a nice way of showing highly personalized messages or offering by adding dynamic text such as user name, dynamic discount value etc. Refer detailed blog post on dynamic notifications

Custom Rules

Pass custom data parameters dynamically in notifyvisitors javascript sdk and show notifications only when specific data value rules are satisfied. For example show discount notification if the purchase value is above $100. Please refer our detailed blog post.

Cookie rules

Display notification based on cookies present on site and their values.


Date & Time

NotifyVisitors will help you show different content based on the date and time. This can make it easy to switch content without having to make updates manually at a specified time.

  • Time of the Day: Schedule notifications during specific time of the day. For example, schedule flash sale notification between 12am and 1 am.
  • Time Delay on Page: This would trigger notification only after specified time delay on page load.
  • Time spent on site: This would trigger notification only after visitor has spent specified amount of time browsing your website.

URL Based

Show notification / survey / feedback survey only on specific urls of your website based on the url rules you set.


leave Intent Targeting

This feature enables you to show the notification to visitors who are about to leave your website. NotifyVisitors tracks the mouse movement to detect leave intent.

Traffic Source

Show specific notification to visitor coming from social network, search engine based on search keyword, or particular referrer sites. This can even be used to show notification to visitors coming from specific adword campaigns.


Browser Type

Showing different content to visitors using different browsers means you can improve their experience. Showing different content for people using Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera and Netscape.

Operating System

Display notification / survey / feedback survey only on specific operating systems. Want to show different download buttons for people using PC’s or Macs? Want to give people the App Store link or the Google Play link? NotifyVisitors can make this happen. Automatically!



Show different content to visitors who have their browser set to different languages. This is perfect for showing translated content to people who speak different languages.

NotifyVisitors provide integration with multiple platforms