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Targeting Rules

NotifyVisitors provides multiple targeting rules to show push notification based on visitors' behaviour.

Send notification to a segment

Using our segmentation feature, you can group your audience into various buckets / segments, depending on any condition such as geography, interests, or absolutely howsoever you’d like to. You can then send notifications to particular segments.


Send Web Push Notifications to all subscribers or to the subscribers of specific browser. Example, send notifications to only chrome subscribers.


Subscriber Enroll Time

Filter subscribers based on, when they enrolled for Push Notifications. Example, send notification to subscribers enrolled in last one month.


Browser Push Notifications work on all devices. Filter subscribers based on Mobile / Desktop / Tablet.



Personalize the content your visitors see based on their location. We track the IP of a visitor on your site to find his/her locale. You can show notification to visitors coming from specific geographies.


Schedule your notifications

With NotifyVisitors, you can even schedule your notifications for a time of your choice. So if you know when your audience is most active, you can simply schedule a notification for that time. This will help get more attention and more clicks.

Add context to each notification by adding a custom image

To lend more context to your notifications, you can change the image in each notification. This will make your notifications more impactful and give an instant visual connect.